Find Your Perfect Fit

*Our Virtual Bra Fitting Service has been temporarily suspended. But don’t worry you’ll still be able to find your perfect fit at Pour Moi. Why not try our fit calculator or conversion chart to help you find your perfect size.

You can’t feel confident or supported in an ill-fitting bra. If your bra is gaping, slipping off your shoulders or bits are poking out underneath, we’ve got you girl! A good fitting bra will provide comfort, support and most importantly, help you feel confident from the inside out. 

But just because a bra fitted you last year, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to wear it forever. Our bodies change all the time, so it’s a good idea to check your favourite style still fits like a glove every six months or so. From top tips to our virtual fitting service, we will ensure you have a new best bra friend in no time! 

Top tips for checking if your bra fits

With that in mind, we’ve got a few tips to get your bra feeling comfy again. All you need is your favourite bra, a mirror and our handy guide. Prepare to wave goodbye to ill-fitting bras forever! 

Model wearing Pour Moi St Tropez bra

Ill-fitting cups?

Go up a back size if: 
• Your breasts are spilling out of the cups at the front or under the arms 

Go down a back size if: 
• The cups are wrinkling or gaping 

Straps slipping off?

Loosen your bra straps if: 
• They are digging into your shoulders 
• They feel tight and are causing the cups to dig into your breasts 

Tighten your bra straps if: 
• They are slipping off your shoulders 
• If you have narrow shoulders, avoid balcony bras as these have wide-set straps 

Underband riding too high?

Go up a back size if: 
• The breast tissue under your arms is bulging over the underband 

Go down a back size if: 
• Your breasts are showing beneath the underband 
• The underband is riding up your back 

Underband riding too high?

Go up a back size if: 
• The wires are digging into your your breast tissue 
• The wires are lifting away from your breastbone 

Go down a back size if: 
• The wires are slipping down your body, towards your waist 

We will help you say goodbye to gaping cups, poking wires and slipping straps forever. Find your perfect fit with the above tips and banish those ill-fitting bras! For more hot tips and how to find the perfect bra for your breast shape check out our blog.