Here at Pour Moi, we take the impact that our business has on the planet seriously. We are on a mission not only to help you look and feel good but also to weave a sustainable thread throughout all areas of our business with the aim to become a more conscious retailer.
Sourcing sustainable fabrics
Sourcing Sustainable Fabrics
As part of our sustainability commitment, we have introduced recycled materials, fabrics, dyes & finishes in our collections to reduce our environmental impact without compromising on glamour. Our swimwear and beachwear collections have increased to 35% using more sustainable fabrics. Almost 50% of our clothing range uses more sustainable fabrics.
Find out more about the materials we use below.
Ecovero™ Viscose
EcoVero™ is a more sustainable viscose made using certified & sustainable wood. It's a sustainable alternative to viscose which is light soft and comfortable.
Recycled Polyester
The recycled polyester we use is made mainly from PET plastic bottles, a more sustainable option without compromising on comfort & softness.
Recycled Nylon / Polyamide
Recycled nylon / polyamide is not only strong, supple and comfortable but reduces our reliance on fossil fuels. It is used in our Reflection collection.
Before landing on your doorstep, every piece of our lingerie, swimwear & clothing goes through a number of processes that have an impact on the planet. We're passionate about making these products more sustainable, without compromising on our fabulous fit and quality.
Eco packaging
Our move to eco packaging
Did you know plastic packaging in the UK accounts for more than 70% of our overall plastic waste?
That's a lot of waste! We're looking at ways to reduce the use of single use 'poly bags' while ensuring our garments arrive to you in tip top condition!
  • We have changed the way we package several of our garments, meaning that these products can be packed flat and folded, saving on unnecessary packaging.
  • We have reduced the size of the poly bags we use to use less plastic.
  • We have reduced unnecessary packaging, including our garment hangers — that's 180,000 less plastic hangers a year! We have also replaced our gift boxes with reusable satin fabric gift bags.
  • We've replaced fossil fuel-based plastics with recycled and bio-based plastics.
  • All our mailing and garment poly bags are fully recyclable. These can by recycled in your local area, for more information on how to do this head to Our swing tickets are also fully recyclable.
  • Our packaging is produced from sugarcane, which have been produced from renewable resources. We also now use recycled and recyclable tissue paper in our bra packaging. Significantly reducing our contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.
Energy and waste initiatives
We are aware that more needs to be done to make the lingerie and fashion industry more sustainable. That is why we took the decision a few years ago to stop any product from our factories being delivered by air freight. We also made the decision to reduce the distance our fabrics and components travel, therefore a significant number of our fabrics and components are now manufactured in the same country as the garments are made. We strive to become a carbon neutral business through our ongoing sustainabilty commitments and more.
After a brief period of air shipping due to pandemic delays, we have since eliminated shipping our production by air since November 2021.
Where possible, we use renewable energy, we continually review how we can optimise renewable energy across a number of our sites.
We recycle and look for new ways and technology to reduce waste where possible across all our sites.
Recycle and reuse initiatives
We want our products to be cherised and a part of your wardrobe for a long time, but we know that there will be a time when you need to say goodbye to your beloved garments. We have included some top tips below on how best to recycle our products at the end of its life.
Find your nearest clothing recycling point at the Recycle Now website.
Many online and in-shop charities accept bra donations. But, it's worth checking with them first!
From accessories to planters, check out our repurposing blog for inspiration.
Our clever bra solutions will help give your bra a new lease of life.
Extending the life of your clothes
Here at Pour Moi, we make high-quality and fabulously fitted products that are long-lasting and durable to make you feel your best. This starts with the right fabric and fit for each style.
Did you know?
Extra button
Just in case you lose a button our products include an extra button!
Our energy sports swimsuits last twice as long as standard swimwear fabric!
Extend bra life
Our hook and eye extenders extend the life of your bra!
Bra solutions
Our bra solutions will answer all your bra dilemmas!
You've spent your time and money finding the perfect bra, dress or chemise. But it doesn't end there! You need to care for your garments to ensure they last a long time. Check out our top tops to extending the life or your garment.
Wash care
Designed to tell you all you need to know about how to keep your garments looking and feeling fabulous. Not sure on what the laundry symbols mean? Check out our blog on wash care labels.
Cold water
Washing your garments that you wear every day in cold water will prevent heat damage and help your garments last longer. It will also save on energy and your precious money.
Store properly
Storing your garments properly will ensure they last longer. To preserve the shape, store your bras on top of one another rather than folded in on each other. The same goes for your padded bikini tops!
Wash when needed
Wash When
Washing your garments when needed will not only help them last longer but will also save on energy and your precious money. Obviously, your underwear and sports bras will need to be washed after every use.
Skip the dryer
The Dryer
Let's skip the tumble dryer. The heat can cause real damage to your garments and your bank balance. Protect your garments by letting them dry naturally outside or close to a radiator.
Treat stains
You'll have a better chance at removing stains if you treat them immediately after they happen, before the stains have a chance to dry.
Perfumes and oils
Perfumes & Oils
If you are using perfume or oils, make sure it's fully dry before dressing. Perfume and oils can permanently stain your garments and no one wants that!
Repair if possible
Repair If Possible
Before you throw away your favourite dress with a torn seam, why not repair it yourself or take it to be repaired? Repairing something is friendlier on your bank balance and the environment.
Care guide
You've spent your precious time and money finding the perfect bra, dress or chemise. But it doesn't end there! You need to care for your garments to ensure they last a long time. Luckily we've got care guides to take care of that. Simple follow our care guides below for our top tops on how to extending the life of your garment.
We're paper-free!
As part of our sustainability commitment, Pour Moi is paper-free. Not only have we changed our process across all our sites to use less paper but since taking our returns online over 490,000 less pieces of paper have been used. Our online returns service means that you will no longer receive a dispatch note or return label with your order. If you're not completely happy with your order, we've made it even easier to return your items.
To allow us to refund you as quickly as possible, we've take returns online! Simple follow the steps below to generate your return:
1. To start your return, head to our return portal (you'll need your WEBORDER number handy).
2. Select what items you'd like to return and why. This helps us improve to make sute you love your purchase next time!
3. Select your chosen return method.
4. Your parcel is now ready to be taken to your chosen drop-off point!
5. You will be sent an email to confirm your item has been received and processed.
We've made it easier and more environmentally friendly to return your items by taking our returns service online. We've also made it even easier to find your perfect fit with our fit calculator and our sister sizes guide. This means you'll no longer need to buy multiple sizes of one item. Saving you time, money and reducing the amount of emissions used to return your items.