Sports Bras

When you're working out, you need all the support you can get. It can make all the difference to your workout. Believe us when we say that a good fitting, comfortable and supportive sports bra will not only make you feel confident, but it can also take your workout up a notch. That's why sports bras and sportswear from Pour Moi are designed to support you during any activity. If it's a high impact activity you need support for, don't worry, we've got a high support sports bra for that. From yoga to the gym our medium and light support sports bras will support all your workout needs. Take on any activity with sports bras and matching leggings at Pour Moi, from performance enhancing fabrics, supportive features and luxurious prints and colourways, working up a sweat never looked and felt so good! Available up to a H-cup and size 18, you'll find all the sports bra styles you need for your next workout. Not sure what sports bra you need? We've pulled together a sports bra guide on our blog to help you find your perfect fitting sports bra.
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