Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

So, you know those little things called cookies? No, not the delicious kind you can eat – these are tiny text files that are stored on your computer when you visit certain websites, like ours. We use them to remember what you've popped into your basket and to recognise you when you come back to our site later.

If you're curious to learn more, you can check what are cookies. Please note that we can’t be responsible for the content of external websites.

If you decide not to enable cookies on your computer, it might affect your experience on our site. Some of these cookies help us to identify and resolve any errors and even suggest relevant products you might like while you're browsing.

To keep you in the loop, we use a range of analytics and targeted advertising tools to make sure you see the good stuff. That means relevant website content, ads on other sites and apps, and marketing emails that actually matter to you. We may also use tools provided by other third parties to perform similar tasks, using your Contact, Technical, Usage and Profile Data. To opt out of targeted advertising, you can disable your cookie settings in your browser or opt out of the relevant third-party provider.

Just so you know, when you visit our sites, cookies are either served directly by us, or by our business partners. 

What happens if I disable cookies?

If you disable cookies, it could impact your experience on our website, as some of the cookies help us to identify and resolve errors or display relevant content and we don't want that for you.

However, if you want to disable cookies, go to the 'How do I manage my cookies?' section for more guidance.

How do I manage my cookies?

If you want to tweak your cookie settings at any time, use the Manage My Cookies  preferences link.

Alternatively, you can set your browser to block cookies. Just a heads up though, if you turn off cookies in your browser, it'll affect all websites, not just ours.

These links explain how you can control cookies via your browser - remember that if you turn off cookies in your browser then these settings apply to all websites not just this one:


What cookies do you use?

Do you use 3rd party banner adverts?

Ever noticed how certain ads follow you around when you visit other websites? That's us using banner advertising to show you a selection of products based on what you've already viewed. 

These ads might even suggest some different styles and colours that you might like, based on your browsing history. The technology behind these adverts is all powered by cookies. 

These cookies to help us deliver online advertising that we believe is most relevant to you on our sites and third-party sites, including on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or the search engines Google and Microsoft.

These types of cookies may gather information on your online habits, as well as your device identifier and/or IP address, the sites you arrived from and information about your browsing and purchase history or the content of your shopping basket. If you accept Advertising and Marketing cookies, your information will be shared with the third-party sites if you have an account with them or use their services. The third parties may incorporate the data into their information held about you and use it for personalisation of advertisements.

To make sure the ads you see online are relevant to you, we may also combine the data we get from cookies with other data that we have collected, like your online and in-store purchases.

Deliver and measure the effectiveness of adverts, marketing and promotional communications.

Some cookies can tell us if you have seen a specific advert, and when you saw it. This helps us measure the effectiveness of our online ad campaigns as well ensuring that you don't receive the same ad over and over again.

We also use cookies to measure the effectiveness of our marketing communications, for example by telling us if you have opened a marketing email that we have sent.

How do I disable these adverts?

If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by those ads, don’t worry you can choose to opt out of this type of advertising permanently by following the to learn more about cookies set by other companies on Your Online Choices remember that link will take you to another site, and we aren’t responsible for the content of external websites.

If you delete your cookies, we won't know that you've opted out, because the way in which we register that you've opted out is through a cookie; so, the banners may reappear when you visit some other websites.

Can I enable 'do not track'?

Do not track (DNT) is a feature offered by some browsers, with some newer browsers offering it as default. Basically, it tells websites not to track your browsing activity for ads, social networks, or analytics.

If you want to opt out of this, you can do this by changing your settings in the ‘How do I manage my cookies? Section.

To keep you in the loop, our website doesn't currently respond to DNT requests right now. Why? Well, there's no industry-wide standard for handling DNT requests yet. Rest assured we'll continue to review DNT and other new technologies, but for now we won’t respond to DNT requests. 

More Information

If you'd like to learn more about cookies in general and how to manage them check out If you'd like to opt out of cookies, please go to the Network Advertising Initiative website. Just a heads up, though: it'll open in a new window, and we aren't responsible for the content of external websites.