The Global Sexy Search Index

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Here at Pour Moi we know everything there is to know about sexy lingerie, so we wanted to find out more about the other sexy things that people around the world enjoy. To create our new Sexy Index report, our experts analysed an enormous amount of Google data, looking at how many Google searches were made in 2020 for different sex-related topics (including different sex positions, sex toys, kinks, fetishes and sexy lingerie) in over 90 UK cities and over 100 countries worldwide. The report also revealed some interesting dating insights, digging into which dating apps are most popular in different parts of the world, and who is searching for sex tips and advice the most. So, if you're a fan of all things sexy, keep reading!

The UK’s Sexiest Cities Overall

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The UK city making the most online searches for sexy stuff (relative to their population size) is Belfast in Northern Ireland, followed by Edinburgh and Dundee in Scotland, and then Slough and Manchester in England.

1. Belfast
2. Edinburgh
3. Dundee
4. Slough
5. Manchester
6. Salford
7. Newcastle
8. Gateshead
9. Barnsley
10. Bournemouth

Belfast - This Northern Irish city made the most sex-related searches per person in the UK last year. Their most popular kinks are BDSM, threesomes and voyeurism, and their most frequently searched sex toys are fleshlights. Their favourite sexy lingerie is stockings, and their top sex position is the reverse cowgirl.

Edinburgh - Edinburgh is the second sauciest city in the UK. Their search history is brimming with kinks including BDSM and spanking. Reverse cowgirl and doggy style take top spots for sex positions, but their third most Googled sex position is the trusty missionary sex position.

Dundee - Dundee's naughty search history is very similar to Edinburgh’s, with the same kinks and sex positions taking top spot. Dundee’s most Googled sex toys are fleshlights, dildos, vibrators and sex dolls.

Slough - Slough is the city in England making the most sexy online searches. Dildos and sex dolls are their top two most searched for sex toys, their top sex position is doggy style, and their top three kinks are BDSM, threesomes and foot fetishes.

Manchester - People from Manchester are keen to purchase sexy pyjamas, and their three favourite lingerie items are stockings, corsets and g-strings. Their top sex toy to Google is a fleshlight and BDSM is their top kink.

The UK Cities Who Love Sex Toys The Most

1. Belfast
2. Edinburgh
3. Dundee
4. Manchester
5. Newcastle

Like the other cities in the list, Belfast’s most popular sex toy according to Google is a fleshlight, followed by a dildo, a vibrator and then a sex doll. The city’s favourite sexy toy brand is Lovehoney.

The UK Cities Googling Sex Positions The Most

1. Slough
2. Belfast
3. Manchester
4. Edinburgh
5. Newcastle

Slough is the city searching for sex positions the most, with doggy style being the favorite followed by reverse cowgirl and missionary.

The Kinkiest Cities In The UK

1. Slough
2. Edinburgh
3. Belfast
4. Manchester
5. Dundee

According to the search history of the kinkiest city Slough, our favourite fetishes are BDSM, threesomes, feet, spanking and bondage.

UK Cities Who Love Sexy Lingerie The Most

1. Belfast
2. Edinburgh
3. Manchester
4. Dundee
5. Newcastle

The favourite pieces of lingerie for Belfast and the other cities is the classic sexy combo of stockings, corset and g-string.

The UK Cities Searching For Online Dating Apps The Most

1. Belfast - Tinder is the most popular, then Grindr then Bumble
2. Salford - Tinder is the most popular, then Grindr, then Hinge
3. Edinburgh - Tinder is the most popular, then Hinge, then Grindr
4. Brighton - Tinder is the most popular, then then Grindr
5. Bournemouth - Tinder is the most popular, then Bumble, then Grindr

The UK Cities Looking For Sex Tips & Advice The Most

1. Salford
2. Dundee
3. Slough
4. Belfast
5. Barnsley

Slough is the city asking ‘how sex works’ the most – but Salford has the most ‘sex questions’ for Google, with the other cities in the list frequently Googling ‘sex tips’ for both men and women and ‘sex advice’.

The World’s Sexiest Countries Overall

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The country making the most searches for sexy stuff (per person) is Portugal in Europe, followed by the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and then Sweden.

1. Portugal
2. United Kingdom
3. Ireland
4. Australia
5. Sweden
6. Netherlands
7. Germany
8. United States
9. New Zealand

Portugal - The biggest kinks that are Googled in the world’s sexiest city is BDSM, threesomes and electrostimulation. Their favourite erotic toys are dildos, fleshlights and butt plugs. The advice they are searching for the most is ‘how to improve sex’ and they are also keen to get better at sexting.

United Kingdom - Fleshlights top our most searched for sex toys (along with sex dolls and dildos). Our most Googled sex positions are reverse cowgirl, doggy style and missionary, whilst our top three kinks are BDSM, bondage and threesomes.

Ireland - Ireland searches for the same sex positions, sex toys and sex kinks as the UK, however they are the country looking for ‘sexy tattoo ideas’ the most, and their favourite item of sexy lingerie is a corset.

Australia - Australia’s favourite sexy kink to Google is BDSM, followed by voyeurism. Doggy style is their top sex position to research, as is reverse cowgirl, normal cowgirl and missionary. Their most Googled sex toy is a fleshlight, like the Brits, with dildo and sex dolls also very popular.

Sweden - Dildos are the most searched for sex toy in Sweden, followed by fleshlights, vibrators and butt plugs. They like to Google the world’s favourite doggy style and cowgirl sex positions but they also look-up the Lotus and Eagle sex positions. Sweden’s biggest fetishes are BDSM, threesomes and voyeurism.

The Countries Who Love Sex Toys The Most

1. United Kingdom
2. Germany
3. Ireland
4. Netherlands
5. Australia

Fleshlights are the most popular sex toy in the UK, and across the world, along with dildos and vibrators. But whereas the UK, Ireland and Australia are fans of sex dolls, Germany and Netherlands also like to Google butt plugs.

The Countries Googling Sex Positions The Most

1. Poland
2. Ireland
3. United Kingdom
4. United States
5. Australia

Poland loves to research sex positions online the most, with its favourites including doggy style, cowgirl and spooning.

The Kinkiest Countries In The World

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1. Portugal
2. South Korea
3. Sweden
4. Netherlands
5. Norway

Portugal’s most Googled sex kinks include BDSM and electrostimulation, whereas South Korea’s most popular kink searches include threesomes, feet and golden showers. Sweden searches a lot for both BDSM and S&M, Norway has a significant amount of searches for ‘cuckolding’ and the Netherlands likes to Google spanking.

Countries Who Love Sexy Lingerie The Most

1. Netherlands
2. United Kingdom
3. Sweden
4. Norway
5. Germany

The country who searches for sexy lingerie the most is the Netherlands, and their favourite pieces are g-strings, suspenders and corsets.

The Countries Searching For Online Dating Apps The Most

1. Ireland - Tinder is the most popular, then Grinder and Bumble
2. United Kingdom - Tinder is the most popular, then Hinge, the Grindr
3. Barbados - Tinder is the most popular, then Grindr and Bumble
4. New Zealand - Tinder is the most popular, then Grindr and Bumble
5. United States - Tinder is the most popular, then Grindr and Hinge

The Countries Looking For Sex Tips & Advice The Most

1. Denmark
2. Saint Lucia
3. Barbados
4. Ireland
5. Malta

Denmark looks on Google for ‘sex tips’ and ‘sex advice’ the most, whereas Saint Lucia is often asking ‘how sex works’. Malta is looking for sex tips for women the most, and Ireland asks Google the most sex questions.

So there you have it, an insight into the sex lives of the world! We hope the research has been interesting to read, and if you’ve been inspired to spice things up a bit then check out our range of sexy lingerie.


12 months of Google Keyword Planner data was used as the source of search volumes. Volumes were then cross referenced by population.

Data correct as of Jan 2021.