The Most Beautiful Cities for Walking Around the World, Perfect for Hot Girl Walks

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Ever since lockdown, walking has become an increasingly popular form of exercise and with the ‘hot girl walk’ trend taking social media by storm throughout 2022, it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, the walking trend has been so popular online that on TikTok alone #hotgirlwalk has over 540 million views, with users throwing on their favourite sportswear and sharing everything from their walking routes to tips on how to incorporate more walking into your daily life.

But what exactly is a hot girl walk? Well, the term was coined by TikTok user Mia (@exactlyliketheothergirls) who started documenting her walks on the app in 2020, but it’s since become a global phenomenon where women around the world are throwing on some cute sportswear and heading outside for some fresh air or jumping on the treadmill to blast out a fast-paced walk whilst watching a TV show.

With so many positive benefits, such as improving your mental health and increasing fitness levels, if you’re looking for a new (and free) form of exercise to incorporate into your routine then walking is the trend for you.

The benefits of walking

There are many health benefits to getting outside for a walk, both physically and mentally, so if you’re not already getting yourself out for a daily walk then it’s worth adding it to your daily routine. The NHS even says that just a 10-minute brisk walk has lots of health benefits, so you don’t need to trek for hours to reap the rewards.

Whilst the hot girl walk trend highlights the benefits of walking for weight loss, there are plenty of other reasons to give it a go, including:

  • Reconnecting with nature
  • Getting some sunlight and vitamin D
  • Taking a break from your screen
  • Helping to improve mental health
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Improving muscle endurance
  • Strengthening bones and muscles

Top 20 most beautiful global cities for walking

Landscape of London

Of course, what would a hot girl walk be without some glorious scenery as your backdrop? To reveal which cities around the world are the most picturesque when it comes to a daily walk, we analysed Instagram data by looking at relevant walking hashtag terms.

The city dominating the top 20 is London, with thousands of people sharing their daily walks around the English capital. Whether it’s walking around one of the eight Royal Parks dotted around the city with a friend or grabbing a coffee, sticking on a podcast and enjoying a scenic walk along the Thames. London is a great city for getting a good walk in and there’s always something new to explore, especially when you allow some time to wander around less touristy areas.

The second most popular city for walking is the French capital, Paris. With countless stunning iconic sights including the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and the Notre Dame cathedral, providing the perfect backdrop for getting those steps in and romanticising your own life. The city is also home to some delicious bakeries and coffee shops, so walkers can grab a treat to go as they wander around the city of love and soak in all that Paris has to offer.

Tokyo is the third most popular city for walks, whilst the city is known for its world-class transportation system it’s well worth taking some time to explore by foot as you can see so many interesting sights. With a mix of both modern-day structures to explore and ancient temples, this city gives walkers a real treat of seeing old with new.

Rounding off the top five are Sydney and Prague. The Australian capital ranked in fourth place overall, and it makes a perfect backdrop for getting your daily walk in, with plenty of gorgeous routes such as the Bondi to Coogee walk to choose from. Over in Europe, Prague offers those looking to explore the city plenty to see as they walk around, including the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle.

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Most picturesque UK cities for a hot girl walk

Landscape of Edinburgh

During UK lockdowns, walking became very popular and there was no shortage of people sharing their walks online. With many people using walks as a way to get outside, explore their local areas or add in some regular exercise to their new working from home routines.

Within the UK, the most popular city for walking is London, with the English capital also topping the global list. The city has so much to offer those looking for interesting walks, whether it’s walking a classic tourist trail past iconic sights including St Pauls, the Tower of London or Buckingham Palace or a more scenic walk through the beautiful parks where walkers can connect with nature.

Edinburgh ranks as the second most popular UK city for walking, and with so much natural beauty to explore around the city it’s easy to see why. Not only can walkers take in the historic architecture around the city, including the eye-catching castle and the stunning Royal Mile, but walks such as Arthurs Seat, which provide breath-taking views over Edinburgh, can easily be reached from the city.

The southwest city Bristol ranks in third place in the UK. The city is home to some great walks, and is home to lots of pedestrian zones and walking paths, making it easy to get around on foot. It’s also known for having eye-catching street art, so there’s plenty to see as you take a stroll around. Popular sights to take in include the Clifton Suspension Bridge, with circular walks allowing you to venture either side of the bridge for incredible views.

Making up the remainder of the top five are Sheffield and Manchester, with both cities offering walkers plenty to see as they explore the areas. Whether it’s walking around admiring the industrial style buildings or heading slightly further afield from the city centres and into the neighbouring countryside.

Top 10 most popular UK cities for walking

  1. London
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Bristol
  4. Sheffield
  5. Manchester
  6. Bath
  7. Glasgow
  8. Oxford
  9. Cambridge
  10. Leeds

Tips for getting started and staying motivated

If you’ve seen hot girl walks trending all over social media and fancy getting involved, we’ve shared some tips on how you can easily get started. Unlike other sports and exercise trends, you don’t need to invest in any equipment and it can be done anywhere, so no matter if you’re a complete beginner when it comes to working out, you can easily join in.

Wearing the right things

The great thing with walking is you don’t need a lot to get started, some basic sportswear such as a sports bra, leggings and a pair of comfortable trainers and you’re good to go. Having footwear that you can walk for a while in is key, as you’ll want to make sure you’re not in any pain during or after your walk. If you’re walking in the winter, it’s important to make sure you’re wrapped up sufficiently, so make sure you have a cosy outwear layer or some warm base layers such as thermals, just be mindful that once you get going you can soon warm up. If you’re planning on walking whilst it’s darker, then consider wearing something high vis and reflective so you’re easily visible to any traffic or cyclists you might come across.

Start slow and build it up

To get started with daily walks, it’s best to start slow and build them up. Whilst it might be tempting to say you’re going to hit 15k steps a day and walk for an hour before and after work, you don’t want to take on too much to begin with. Even just starting with 15- 30 minutes a day is a great way to kick things off, so try heading out before you start work or get yourself out on your lunch break to make the most of the daylight in the winter months. You don’t have to trek too far to start with either, just find a nice loop or walk you’re comfortable with and then you can build it up by walking further afield or adding on another loop to your daily walk.

Keep yourself entertained

Daily walks can be a great way to carve out some ‘you’ time and get away from the distractions around the home. If you’re not great with walking just with your thoughts, then it can be an ideal opportunity to stick on an interesting podcast, a banging playlist, or your favourite artist’s album. Alternatively, you could always bring along a family member or friend and spend the time walking and catching up with a nice hot drink to help keep you going.

Mix things up

Heading out on a daily walk is great but to keep things exciting, you might want to consider mixing things up a little. This could be trying out a new route to see something new or it might be adding in a stop along the way. Perhaps there’s a new coffee shop you’ve always wanted to try, or you could treat yourself to a Friday morning croissant as you head out before work. Make sure to make your walks as appealing as possible and throw in some variety every so often.

Walking and working

It’s not just outdoor hot girl walks taking social media by storm, but thousands of users have jumped on the walking and working trend. By changing up your desk for a stand-up model (one that can work as both a sit-down and stand-up one is best), then adding in an under-the-desk treadmill that can easily be folded away, you’re able to clock in miles of walking whilst getting on with your daily work tasks. Alternatively, if you don’t work at home but still want to get your steps in whilst in the comfort of your home, you can easily stick on your favourite TV show and jump on the treadmill in your living room.

Chatting to some hot girl walkers…

To see how hot girl walks are working for women, we spoke to Jo from L’espoir De Ma Vie and Ellie, who are big fans of the trend, and make walking a part of their everyday routine. Both of them got into walking whilst lockdown was restricting their usual routines back in 2020, and they’ve both shared their thoughts, tips and tricks on how to keep up with the hot girl walking trend today.

How long have you been doing 'hot girl walks' and why did you start?

Jo's Hot Girl Walk

Jo: I started going on hot girl walks at the start of the pandemic. I've always liked going for walks, but I made sure I took advantage of that hour slot of exercise during the pandemic as it was good for my mental health and it felt good getting outside and reconnecting with nature.

Ellie: I started walking as a major part of exercise back in lockdown. I didn't have access to the workouts I was used to doing. I was relying on my two dumbbells and YouTube workouts the majority of the time. Like many, I hated being stuck indoors so I found my escape in walking.

Where is your current favourite hot girl walk route?

Jo: I enjoy going on a hot girl walks over the weekend, as I love being able to visit my local canal, local vintage and thrift shops, markets and going for a local coffee as it helps brighten my day and boost my energy levels.

Ellie: I don't really have a particular route I stick to or favour because I am really lucky to be surrounded by woodland and nature so often changes. Usually, I would opt for a walk along the river, across the fields, on the beach or up a hill. Basically, anywhere with a stunning view.

Do you have any specific tips for hot girl walking in the winter time?

Ellie's Hot Girl Walk

Jo: To make time for these walks make sure you get them in your diary. Start small and aim to get around 3 planned in a week and gradually build it up, as it’s understandable that if you have a busy work schedule you may not also get time to get outside before it gets dark. I tend to make sure now it's getting colder and darker in the early AM and evening to get my workout in the morning and then set the time between 12-2 to go for a 30-50 min walk, as I've set myself a target to hit 10,000 a day. Sometimes I don't always hit that step goal, so I make sure I go for a longer walk at the weekend so I hit my 70,000-step target.

Ellie: Personally, I love to spend some of my spare time working out but I don't let it take over my life. Spending time with family and friends is what is most important to me, so to help ensure I could do both I bought a walking desk treadmill. Because I have an office/desk job it's ideal for when I'm working from home. I go slow enough that I don't realise I'm even walking, so that it doesn't distract me or slow me down from my work. After a few hours the steps really add up and some days I can get upwards of 20,000 steps. It’s ideal for winter when it is dark when I finish work and walking isn't always the safest option.

What are you must haves for a hot girl walk?

Jo: To make me feel 'extra hot girl' vibes, on those weekend or weekdays, I wear an outfit that embodies my style, and I put on a podcast or music that reflects my mood and allows me to relax.

Ellie: I couldn't go on a walk without my headphones on. It's the perfect way to switch off. As soon as I pop on a podcast or a music playlist, I've created I forget about most things, including time. I could walk for miles.

What have been the positive effects you've had from hot girl walks?

Jo: Since things have reopened and we've regained some freedom again, I've made sure that I kept my daily walk as part of my routine as going for those daily strolls allows me to reflect and keep motivated. I make sure I get outside and make the most of the daylight before it gets dark. I like being able to take a break from my desk and get some extra steps at lunch time, as it helps spark my creativity and calm my anxiety.

Ellie: It's a low impact exercise so it means I can go on one with my grandparents too. Fresh air and enjoying the views on a walk are also much more rewarding than being stuck in a sweaty gym all the time, so for me it's really important that they're part of my workout schedule.  I am a much more energetic and driven person when I put time into exercising.

If hearing about the benefits of walking has got you wanting to reach for your matching sports bra and leggings, check out our sportswear range to help get your started.


Using a long list of cities from around the globe (sourced from we took the city name and paired it with various walking terms to discover the city where the most walks are shared on Instagram.

Instagram hashtag terms include: [city] + walk, walk + [city], walk in + [city], walking + [city], [city] + walks.

The results were shared from highest to lowest to reveal which city has the most walking posts. Those with the highest Instagram hashtags are deemed the most beautiful places to walk.

All data correct November 2022.


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