Undress to Impress, Whatever Your Body Shape

Pour Moi lingerie and chemise

Ashley Graham looking sizzling in lace. Tess Holliday and her underwear selfies on Instagram. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from plus-size lingerie models it is this: When it comes to looking good in underwear, size really doesn’t matter, but body shape does. 

Identifying your shape and buying lingerie for your body type is the key to finding the kind of underwear that takes you from ‘afraid to turn the lights on’ to total boudoir goddess! 

And these days it’s not just about juicy apples and bootylicious pears, because there’s a whole bowlful of fruity shapes for lingerie lovers to get their teeth into. There are are luscious strawberries (with wide shoulders and slim legs, like Cindy Crawford), delicious rhubarbs (with slim hips and busts, like Cara Delvigne) and even delectable double cherries (with curvy busts and hips, like Nigella Lawson). 

But if working out your own body type is driving you bananas, we can help. Just choose your sweetest match from the list below then read our tips on which lingerie styles will suit you best. And because Pour Moi have such a wide variety of sizes on offer, whatever shape you identify with is just peachy with us.

How to dress an apple shape

Pour Moi amour underwired non padded bra

So, what’s an apple shape, anyway? With beautiful, soft curves, apple shapes are particularly voluptuous in the tummy and boob department. They have fabulously narrow shoulders, slinky hips, and slim legs. 

Other words for apple body types: Circle, diamond, or oval 

Celebrities with apple body shapes: Catherine Zeta Jones, Oprah Winfrey 

What’s the best bra for an apple shape? When it comes to finding a bra for the boudoir, underwire is an apple’s best friend. A good-fitting underwired bra can lift your bust, helping to create some waist definition. But apart from underwire, look for interesting straps, prints or embellishments, such as the two-tone lace of the Amour Non Padded Bra, to keep those eyes right where you want them. 

What are the best knickers for my shape? When you’re an apple, the right knickers can totally transform your lingerie look. V-shaped briefs and thongs like this Opulence version worn slightly higher on the hip bone will elongate the look of your mid-section as if by magic! 

What’s the best kind of lingerie for an apple-shaped body? A chemise or babydoll is always a flattering look because of the way they nip in just under the bust, lifting your chest and lengthening your torso. 

Pour Moi’s pick of lingerie for an apple shaped figure: This Dusk Satin Chemise will tick all your lingerie boxes. With sexy straps and a feminine scalloped neckline, it makes the most of your cleavage, while the flowing fabric skims over your curves. By flaring out at the bottom it adds more volume to your hips to balance out your silhouette. Plus, it is short enough to make the most of those tantalisingly slim pins, too. What’s not to love?

How to dress a pear shape

Pour Moi rebel padded plunge bra red

So, what’s a pear shape, anyway? With waist definition to die for, pear-shaped ladies have shoulders narrower than their hips and tend to carry weight under their belly buttons, in their bums, hips and thighs. 

Other words for pear body types: Spoon, Christmas tree 

Celebrities with pear body shapes: Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez 

What’s the best bra for a pear shape? The idea of dressing for a pear is to get your top half matching your hips to create a more balanced look. Adding a bit of oomph to your cleavage is key, and the Rebel Padded Plunge Bra will do just that. Not only does it give you instant uplift, the lace and gorgeous little bow in the centre draw the eye, as well as those admiring glances. 

What are the best knickers for my shape? Keeping things light and simple on the bottom half is a great visual balancing trick for pears. Avoid the temptation of going for anything too big, like boy shorts or high-waisted briefs. They won’t hide anything and will only make you look bigger. Instead, opt for the lighter look of barely-there bikini briefs such as the Rebel Brazilian Brief. 

What’s the best kind of lingerie for a pear-shaped body? A lingerie set will work well on you, letting you mix and match your bra and knickers to find the perfect pairing. Adding 3D details on your top half (such as lace, ruffles, or embellishments) while keeping things simple on the bottom will keep you looking in proportion. 

Pour Moi’s pick of lingerie for a pear-shaped figure: We think the Romance Moulded Plunge Push Up Bra worn with the matching Romance Bikini Brief is the perfect lingerie set for pears. In a classic black with contrast lace, the bra has a push-up inner mould to enhance your shape while the underwire lifts and supports. But the simple briefs can be worn slightly higher on the hips.

How to dress an inverted triangle shape (aka the strawberry)

Pour Moi st tropez full cup bra

So, what’s an inverted triangle shape, anyway? Athletic with fabulous legs, strawberries look a bit like a triangle that’s been flipped upside down - think bigger busts, broad shoulders, and narrow hips. 

Other words for inverted triangle body types: Strawberry, cone, V-frame 

Celebrities with inverted triangle body shapes: Most catwalk models are strawberries, with famous inverted triangles including Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford. 

What’s the best bra for an inverted triangle shape? Bras should be kept simple for strawberries, but if you’re larger in the bust there’s no need to stick to full-cup shapes. Plunge styles, such as the St Tropez Full Cup Bra, also work well, giving you a lovely, lifted shape and full support with less coverage. 

What are the best knickers for my shape? Strawberries can really go to town on their bottom halves, using print, lace, or embellishments to balance the athletic look of their shoulders. Knickers with more material, such as the Shadow Skirted Thong with its side splits and contrasting bows, can add a sexy curve to your hips. 

What’s the best kind of lingerie for an inverted triangle shaped body? Teddies or bodysuits with a deep V look especially fabulous on strawberries because the plunging neckline draws the eye from the shoulders down to that fabulous bust. 

Pour Moi’s pick of lingerie for an inverted triangle figure: The India Satin and Lace Cami and Short Pyjama Set is the cream of the crop for strawberries. The defined waist and flare over your hips give the illusion of lower-body curves, while the v-neckline shows off what you’ve got going on.

How to dress a rectangle shape (aka the rhubarb)

Pour Moi opulence front fastening bralette

So, what’s a rectangle shape, anyway? The classic ‘straight up and down’ body shape, perfectly proportioned rhubarbs have shouldered the same width as their hips. They usually have a petite bust, long body and slim legs. 

Other words for rectangle types: Rhubarb, ruler, H-frame. 

Celebrities with rectangle body shapes: Cara Delevingne, Cameron Diaz 

What’s the best bra for rectangle shapes? Longline bras will look sweet on you, because the extra length can help give you achieve the rhubarb holy grail - a defined waistline. The Opulence Front Fastening Underwired Bralette fits the bill, because not only will it extend further down to create some mid-section curves, but it is also slightly padded to boost your bust without looking too bulky. 

What are the best knickers for my shape? Low-rise knickers that sit just beneath your hips will give a curvier look to rhubarbs, while accentuating those slim pins of yours. Going for a skirted version with a ruffle like the Shadow Skirted Thong, adds even more hip-boosting interest. 

What’s the best kind of lingerie for a rectangle? When it comes to the boudoir, nothing beats a basque or bustier that ends either at the waist, or beneath it. Just that little glimpse of skin in the middle will balance your silhouette and create some curves. 

Pour Moi’s pick of lingerie for a rectangle figure: The Opulence Basque has an elasticated waistband that will help to define your mid-section, plus it ends at the hips to add some extra visual weight.

How to dress an hourglass shape (aka the double cherry)

Pour Moi amour underwired non padded bra

So, what’s an hourglass, anyway? With a defined waist and equally proportioned bust and hips, the double cherry is the traditional Hollywood starlet look. 

Other words for hourglass body types: Double cherry, figure 8, X frame 

Celebrities with hourglass body shapes: Nigella Lawson, Sofia Vergera 

What’s the best bra for hourglass shapes? Your curvy bust looks fabulous no matter what you wear, so there’s no reason to go over the top with embellishments. Sticking to simple, pretty lace and lovely shapes such as a balconette or plunge will always look stunning on a double cherry. Try the Amour Non-Padded Bra or understated sexiness. 

What are the best knickers for my shape? Pin-up curves are crying out for a retro look, so try a high-waisted shape like the St Tropez High Waist Deep Brief. 

What’s the best kind of lingerie for an hourglass? Teddies, corsets, bodies, basques, lingerie sets… the list goes on when it comes to lingerie to suit an hourglass. Anything that accentuates that tiny waist of yours will look particularly lovely, so try a waspie style suspender belt 

Pour Moi’s pick of lingerie for an hourglass figure: The Strapped Removable Straps Padded Underwired Body has mesh panelling to cinch your waist even further, providing the perfect showcase to your double cherry curves.

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