How to Wear Gym Leggings So You Always Look Fabulous - Your FAQs Answered

6th April 2022
Models wearing Pour Moi sportswear

Most of us own at least one pair. They’re versatile, comfortable, and more often than not, stylish! Yes, were talking about gym leggings. Whether you wear them to the gym, to run errands or dress up with your favourite blazer and knee-high boots, leggings will always be a wardrobe staple. Whilst this versatile piece of sportswear has evolved so much in how we wear them, we will always rely on our gym leggings to help keep us moving. From how to wear gym leggings to fixing any legging mishaps we answer all your burning questions. 

How to wear gym leggings

Comfortable, durable, affordable, stylish: is there anything that gym leggings don’t offer? It’s no wonder that they make up a key part of our wardrobe. Dressed up or down leggings are a staple clothing item in everyone’s wardrobe, and with good reason. The styling possibilities with leggings are endless.  

Whilst leggings are always a go to workout look, we know you’ve wondered how to wear them outside of the gym. Who doesn’t want an excuse to wear your most comfortable leggings to dinner or cocktails with friends? If you are interested in how to style gym leggings check out our blog on seven great ways to incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe. 

Why wear gym leggings?

One word. Comfort. When leggings fit right, they can be one of the comfiest items in your wardrobe. So why wouldn’t we want to wear them all day, every day? Not only can they feel amazing on, but they can also create a flattering body-shaping effect. It’s well worth taking full advantage of. Dressed up or down, leggings are having a serious moment, and we don’t expect this to change any time soon. 

What are the most supportive legging styles?

Model wearing Pour Moi sportswear

It often depends on what you’re wearing your leggings for as to how much support is needed. For high intensity workouts, where you’re moving your body a lot, high-waisted and squat proof leggings such as the Energy Printed Mesh Panel Legging will support all your workout needs. For more gentler activities or everyday wear, high-waisted, seamless leggings with stretchy fabric will keep you supported, comfortable. Our Energy Seamless Logo Legging also includes body sculpting features. 

How to know my leggings fit properly

Model wearing Pour Moi sportswear

When you’re working out you need all the support you can get. That’s why finding the right size and fit is important to make sure you are comfortable whatever your plans. Whether you plan to include them as part of your daily wardrobe or are looking for leggings to work out in, you’ll want pairs that offer ample coverage without compromising on freedom of movement. Leggings should feel like second skin and not get in the way of your day. 

Prioritising fit and comfort will help you choose the right size for you. If the waistband feels too tight or if the fabrics becomes distorted or sheer this might be a sign that they are too small. On the other end of the spectrum if you notice too much fabric in the crotch area or elsewhere this means that the leggings are too loose and that you should size down. 

How to fix any legging mishaps!

Model wearing Pour Moi sportswear

The dreaded camel toe. It’s something that we all fear when we slip on our leggings. Although this could be down to ill-fitting leggings, sometimes it just cannot be avoided. To help combat camel toe, unbelievably panty liners can help. The extra padding will smooth out and even the crotch area. It seems like all leggings are squat proof these days, however if you find your favourite leggings are showing a bit more skin then you’d like we have a couple tips to help. Seamless skin-coloured underwear will help you feel a bit more covered and modest. The main way to combat leggings that aren’t squat proof is to gather as much fabric up around the tops of your legs and bum. If there’s more fabric around this area, it will stop so much stretch. Say goodbye to VPL by wearing seamless underwear under your leggings, the smooth fabric will stop any panty lines. 

How often do I need to wash my leggings

It really depends on what activity you’re doing. If you are exercising and getting your sweat on, it’s recommended to wash your leggings after each workout. If you are running errands or lounging in leggings washing every other wear is fine. Whilst it’s completely fine to wash your leggings in a washing machine, we suggest putting them in a delicates bag so they don’t get stretched around in the machine. Meaning your leggings will stay looking and feeling fabulous for longer. 


Whether you’re stepping into the gym in style or meeting the girls out for brunch, leggings are the perfect wardrobe staple that works all year round. 

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