Post Workout Brunch: What to Order to Make the Most of Your Exercise Session

15th September 2021

We see your there girl, sweating it out and working hard. Why undo all your hard work with food that doesn’t fuel or nourish you? It’s worth giving your post-workout meal some attention. We’ve all heard of a pre-workout meal but believe it or not consuming the right nutrients after your workout is just as important.  

Our workout nutrition is vital for rebuilding muscles and reaping the benefits of your workout. Whether you’re sweating it out at a gym class, going on a run with friends or finding your inner zen with yoga, give your body the fuel it needs to recover with nutritious foods.  

The best type of workout foods

To get the most out of your workout and to support your beautiful body in recovery, there are a couple of food groups that will be your post workout friend. Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy, and aid in replenishing the muscles after a workout. Whilst protein that is found throughout the body – in muscle, bone, skin, hair and virtually every other body part or tissue, will help repair damaged muscle tissue and encourage the development of new muscle.  

Whether it's cooking at home, or ordering out with friends, this guide will highlight some of the best foods to choose off the menu or knock up yourself in order to re-energise and refuel after a workout. You’ll find healthy, filling food ideas to suit all dietary requirements for vegan, vegetarians, keto, meat eaters and gluten free.  

Protein porridge

Porridge with fresh fruit

The word protein is often associated with building muscle, but you don’t need to be a body builder to experience the benefits of protein. Your body needs protein no matter what, so why not find a tasty way to incorporate it into your diet. 

When cooking at home: Oats and bananas are perfect sources of carbs and proteins, to keep your energy levels topped up after your workout. For an extra protein hit you can always incorporate high-protein milk, yoghurt or even a scoop of protein powder (who can resist the chocolate flavour) to support muscle recovery while adding a sweet and satisfying taste. For a vegan and non-dairy option switch to a plant based milk, yoghurt and protein powder, or add a sweet dollop of your favourite nut butter. 

When eating out: Most brunch places will usually offer a porridge option. However, it’s worthwhile knowing that many pair porridge with yoghurt to incorporate protein, or a good dollop of nut butter to add some healthy fat for a more balanced dish. 

Healthy pancakes

Pancakes with fresh fruit

Pancakes are a breakfast staple and there are many ways to make these delicious cakes nutritious.  

When cooking at home: By substituting regular flour with whole-wheat flour provides a hearty and healthier alternative. With an extra boost of fibre, simply add ground flaxseed and top with natural yoghurt and a mix of berries for a hit of antioxidants and good bacteria. Your gut will thank you! 

When eating out: If pancakes are on the menu, normally you will be unable to substitute the type of flour. However, lots of restaurants and cafés now offer alternatives. To avoid a sugar crash, try and stay clear of pancakes covered in confectionery, we know how tempting those chocolate pancakes are! Fresh ingredients such as fruit and honey are a natural and healthy way to manage those sugar cravings. Many places will also offer a gluten free or vegan option. 

Yoghurt and granola

Granola with yoghurt and fresh fruit

Yoghurt and granola can be a great post-workout snack, packed with carbohydrates, proteins and live bacterial cultures to help your body recover. 

When cooking at home: Granola from the supermarket shelves can be packed full of sugar, so make sure you check the nutritional information before you buy. If over the counter granola is not your thing, making your own from fresh oats, nuts & seeds, seasonings such as cinnamon & nutmeg, nut butters and natural sweeteners such as honey will help you control how much sugar is in the product. Mixed with natural yoghurt brimming with live bacterial cultures, makes for the perfect and tasty post-workout snack. 

When eating out: Much like shopping for granola at the supermarket, stay clear of unnecessary sugars within the granola. Top with fresh fruit, nuts and seeds for a healthy topping to your delicious snack. 

Power smoothies

Fruit smoothie

Smoothies are great at any of time of the day, but also work as a perfect post-workout smoothie. Packed will of antioxidants, electrolytes and protein to help your body recover. 

When cooking at home: Blend your favourite greens and fruit, fresh or frozen with either non-fat natural yoghurt or your favourite milk. For an extra healthy smoothie, cut out the yoghurt or milk and replace with water. For an extra protein boost top your smoothie with nut butter or protein powder. Replace yoghurt and milk with a dairy free alternative for a vegan or non-dairy option. 

When eating out: When eating out stick to smoothies with natural sugars, so plenty of fresh fruit and natural sweeteners such as sugar. Including greens such as kale and spinach which are high in antioxidants and electrolytes to help your body recover. 

All this talk of food has got us hungry! Now that you know what foods are great post workout shop our range of activewear.  

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