The Ultimate Guide to Sports Bras

13th August 2021

Boobs are wonderful things. But during exercise they can have a mind of their own! According to the NHS, breasts have a 4cm range of movement during a walk and a 15cm range when running, the multi-directional swaying can cause pain, embarrassment and eventually, sagging. 

While high-impact sports like running clearly have the biggest bounce-factor, your breasts will move more than you do no matter what exercise you’re doing. Pounding out a 10k on the treadmill? The girls will have bounced the equivalent of a marathon. 

It’s enough to put you off going to the gym altogether - and it does. A survey by Portsmouth University’s Research Group in Breast Health found breasts were the fourth biggest barrier to exercise for women after motivation, time and poor health. 

Luckily, a high impact sports bra from Pour Moi can help. From underwired to non-wire, lightly padded to adjustable, our shock absorber bras can minimise the bounce and support the sensitive breast tissue to leave you feeling comfortable (and even sweat-free). 

But what do you need to know before you buy? Our no-nonsense sports bra guide has everything you need to find your perfect fit. 

Models wearing Pour Moi sports bras

How to choose the best sports bra

Sick of rib-crushing bands, chafing underarms or sore straps? According to Pour Moi garment technologist Lois Siciliano, “To be really effective, your sports bra needs to fit like a glove. All the sports bras at Pour Moi come in cup sizes rather than dress sizes so it’s easy to find your perfect fit. Just go for your normal bra size and try the following tips to make sure it’s the best sports bra for you.” 

1. Consider the kind of exercise you’ll be doing

Pour Moi energy empower sports bra

“Are you looking for a sports bra for running? Then high impact styles (such as our Energy Underwired Lightly Padded Convertible Sports Bra or the Energy Strive Non Wired Non Padded Lined Full Cup Sports Bra will be perfect. 

But don’t reject a medium impact sports bras like the Energy Fearless Non Wired Full Cup Sports Bra, particularly if you’re doing an activity that involves a lot of different movements, such as dance, yoga or pilates. That’s because moderate impact sports bras usually have features particularly suited to keep you contained and comfortable when you’re moving, bending, stretching or twisting.” 

2. Don’t be put off by padding

Pour Moi energy rush sports bra

“Worried that padding will make you look bigger up top? Lightly padded styles such as the Energy Rush Lightly Padded Underwired Sports Bra and the Energy Underwired Lightly Padded Convertible Sports Bra are excellent for adding more shape and support, and they can eliminate things like nipple show-through and chafing.” 

3. Choose underwire for more shape and support

Pour Moi energy reach sports bra

“If your breasts are large, you may hate that undefined, squashed together look you get from typical compression crop top style sports bras that flatten your breasts against the chest wall. Choosing a sports bra with underwire such as Energy Reach Underwired Lightly Padded Sports Bra or the Energy Infinite Double Strap Lightly Padded Convertible Sports Bra can avoid this, as it keeps breasts both separated and fully supported, with no more ‘uni-boob’ effect.” 

4. Put the sports bra through its paces

Try on the sports bra, then do the bounce test as if you were running. If there’s too much movement, you may need to go down a cup size. There should be no chafing at the underarms, shoulder straps or seams. Raise your arms over your head and check that the band doesn’t ride up - if it does, you may need to go down a band size.

5. What areas to look out for

“The underband is the most important part as this is where all the support comes from. It should sit horizontally the whole way round (and not ride up at the back) and feel more snug than your normal bra, but not so tight that it digs in. 

The underwire should follow the natural crease of the breast, and not sit on the breast tissue, while the breasts should be enclosed within the cups with no bulging over the top or gaping at the sides.” 

Whether you’re a yoga bunny or a weekend warrior, our range of sports bras can help you workout in style, feeling fully supported. They’re winning five-star reviews from women all over the UK and beyond thanks to their affordability, comfort and fit. Isn’t it time you tried one for yourself? 

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