A Day in the Life of a Pour Moi Bra Specialist

7th March 2022
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*Our Virtual Bra Fitting Service has been temporarily suspended. But don’t worry you’ll still be able to find your perfect fit at Pour Moi. Why not try our fit calculator or conversion chart to help you find your perfect size.

Lingerie that fits well can transform your life; there’s no one who knows this better than a bra fitter. Having a substantial impact on the lives of the people that they fit, bra fitting specialists also act as product gurus and even our therapists! Have you ever wondered what it’s like being a bra fitter? We sat down with Pour Moi Bra Fitting Specialist, Hannah Bradbury to talk all things bras and boobs. Keep reading to find out how you can get a perfect fitting bra.

What goes on in the day-to-day job as a bra fit specialist?

A lot of laughs. One of the most important things when conducting a virtual bra fitting is creating a casual atmosphere. We want individuals to feel comfortable and at ease during the fitting. Laughter is the best method to form a connection and to make people feel comfortable. We’re changing the perception of bra fitting, it doesn’t have to be awkward, and it no longer needs to be in a cold, poorly lit changing room, it can be done in the comfort of your own home.

What do you love most about your job?

I would definitely have to say empowering women. It means a lot to me to have a job that makes such a genuine impact to so many women across the country. It’s my role to help women feel comfortable and supported in their bras and instead of counting down the hours until they can get home and take off their bra. 

How important is it to have a good-fitting bra?

Pour Moi Bra Fitting Specialist Hannah Bradbury

Finding the perfect-fitting bra will also help with any unnecessary pain or discomfort that comes from an ill-fitting bra. When you feel comfortable and supported in your own skin, it can do wonders for your confidence. Lingerie is the first thing you see yourself wearing in the mirror each morning, so why shouldn’t you feel beautiful in it. 

What are the signs of an ill-fitting bra?

The biggest tell tales for an ill-fitting bra are: 

  1. Feeling pain, this usually means the wire is pressing into the breast tissue
  2. The straps keep slipping off the shoulders, no matter how tight you secure them
  3. The back off the bra is arched upwards, rather that sat straight
  4. If you can put two fingers underneath the clasp at the back of the bra and you can pull it a considerable amount away from the body
  5. Over spill of breast tissue on the cup 

What does a virtual fit involve? Take us through the process.

Pour Moi Bra Fitting Specialist Hannah Bradbury

I feel like I’m revealing my magic trick. I was trained back in 2018 to bra fit with Pour Moi, without a measuring tape. When using a measuring tape, you are using age old math and sometimes it isn’t always accurate. Although, it can give a good idea of size it doesn’t factor in all the different breast shapes and placement of tissue. Without the right shape of bra, you will never get the best fit. Going by eye, I can see how far the wire would need to come round to make sure the wire is off breast tissue. I factor in whether you have round and full tissue or if you are more of a tear drop shape. Unsure on your shape? Check out our blog on the best bras for your breast shape 

Virtual fitting may be strange to some, but we have offered virtual fitting since 2020. At the start of your virtual appointment, you will be greeted by myself. I appreciate it’s a completely new experience to many, so I let the individual lead the pace of the fitting. We take time to discuss any current bra issues. This will give me the best understanding on what I can help with. Going into detail gives a new understanding to all the elements of a bra fitting. For example, if the band isn’t tight enough regardless of how tight the straps are every time the arm lifts, the bra will move with your body rather than remaining in place. If the individuals feel comfortable enough to let me see them preferably in a wired, bra; it would allow me to get the most accurate measurement. If not, this can be done with a wired bra under a light coloured, tight fitting, t-shirt.

How often should you get fitted?

Unless you have a dramatic weight loss or gain, or you begin to experience pain or overspill of breast tissue, I would recommend getting a bra fitting every 6-8 months. Having around two bra fittings a year as long as you haven’t had any big changes that have affected the bra’s fit is ideal. 

What advice would you give someone who’s hesitant on booking a virtual fit?

I’m very aware that a virtual fitting – which was launched during COVID-19 – is slightly less conventional. However, a virtual fitting allows you to stay in the comfort of your own home, with no travelling and no waiting around to be seen. For those of you who love Pour Moi’s fantastic range of bra’s, I have worked with each of the bras and am able to offer advice on the fitting. If it’s not quite right, I will know what to do to correct it. 

Lastly, what do you love about working for Pour Moi?

I started working for Pour Moi in 2018, it still amazes me that it has been four years. To begin with this was a weekend job whilst studying at university, now I am borderline full time and still studying. I genuinely love the team in the Chester store. It’s the most rewarding job to make someone feel confident. One lady in a review called me ‘an asset for your assets’ and it stuck with me ever since. 


Book your fuss-free virtual fit here, it couldn’t be any easier than that!   

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