The perfect lingerie for your hot summer look

Summer’s just round the corner (no, really!) and with the warmer days come a flood of invitations landing on our doormats. A friend’s wedding in June, a day at the races in July, the work summer party in August… and somehow we’ve got to fit them in around going to work and our annual EasyJet to the continent.

But while a packed summer schedule is something we all look forward to, it can also bring with it a big dollop of wardrobe anxiety. Will your gorgeous strapless dress stay put when you’re dancing to Come On Eileen? Are you really brave enough to wear that on-trend backless jumpsuit - or will you be flashing side boob everytime you reach for your glass of Pimm’s?

Well, like a little underwear fairy godmother, Pour Moi is here to help. From strapless bras that won’t budge while you boogie to the perfect undies to wear with a variety of tricky necklines, we’ll dissolve all your summer lingerie problems with a quick wave of our magic wand. With our advice you shall go to the ball - and all with no visible bra straps or panty lines to ruin your killer outfit.

So, time to leave your tried and trusted winter underwear at the door. Here are all your summer lingerie dilemmas sorted, with a little help from Pour Moi.

The problem: a sheer blouse

The solution: a bralette

Cherish Bralette

A sheer blouse not only looks elegant, it’s a great option for day-to-evening events as it keeps you well-ventilated when it’s hot, but covered when it gets chilly. Of course you could go for a camisole with a bra underneath, but you’d have a lot of straps going on under there!

Whether your blouse is chiffon or lace, a see-through top is begging for a pretty bralette. Far too fashion-forward to be kept under wraps, a lace bralette under a sheer blouse can reveal your style credentials, without revealing too much of you. Plus, with underwired bralettes available, it’ll give you all the support of a bra and cami, without the messy tangle of straps.

But which one to get? For a demure look, choosing our Cherish high neck bralette in the same shade as your top gives you a lot of coverage. But to give your blouse a fashion-forward edge, try a more revealing bralette top such as the Amour, in a clashing colour.

The problem: a strapless dress

The solution: a longline strapless bra

Dusk Longline Bra

Strapless dresses are a summer staple for a reason. Elegant and sophisticated, they’re the perfect showcase for statement earrings and a pair of golden, sun-kissed shoulders. Strapless dresses can only be worn with a strapless bra and, if you’ve had yours for years, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.

A no-budge strapless bra from Pour Moi means you won’t be spending the night hoiking it back up again. If you’ve struggled with strapless bras in the past, try one that’s a size down in the underband, but a size up in the cup. That’s because the underband is the bra’s main source of support, so it needs to be nice and snug.

For extra no-hoik insurance, choosing a longline version such as our Dusk Strapless Longline Bra gives you even more reinforcement from below your chest, helping you feel supported no matter how crazy the dancefloor action.

The problem: a deep V dress

The solution: a plunge bra

Definitions T Shirt Bra

If you looking to make a serious style statement, take the plunge with a deep V dress. Daring and provocative, they’ll really help you make an entrance at your glamorous summer event.

But to make sure all eyes are on you for the right reasons, a good shapewear bra is a must. Look for a plunge bra that scoops low in the front, such as our Definitions version. Its supportive features keep everything lifted, giving you a fantastic cleavage that’s not too ‘in your face’.

The problem: a backless dress or jumpsuit

The solution: a multiway bra

St Tropez Strapless Bra

The backless look has to be one of our all-time favorites for summer, but that doesn't make it any easier to find the right bra to go underneath.

Look for a multiway bra that allows you to criss-cross the straps low down on the back, such as our St Tropez multiway. You can even buy low-back convertors to work with your own bra - these will turn any bra closure into a low-cut V back.

The problem: white linen trousers

The solution: nude knickers

Lexi Mini Brief

Until the day someone invents invisible knickers, your only solution for white linen trousers is nude, seamless shapewear. Forget white knickers - they’ll always show through.

A nude shade blends effortlessly into your skin tone but not all nude panties are created equal. If you like a bit more rear coverage, you could try high waisted tummy control nude knickers. But while these may help you create a smooth silhouette, they may not be suitable if your trousers aren’t equally high-waisted.

At the other end of the coverage scale you have a nude thong, but if you’re not used to wearing this style, things could feel a little breezy! Instead, we may have found the perfect compromise - our Lexi mini brief. Smooth all over, it’s super comfortable and won’t show under the sheerest of fabrics.

For more underwear solutions perfect for sheer summer dresses, visit the shapewear collection at Pour Moi.

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