Find the best bikini for your body shape

You may be hooked on your phone, glued to your social media or have a hobby that you think about 24/7. But at Pour Moi we have a rather different obsession - making swimwear that fits you perfectly and accentuates all of your best bits.

We’re total nerds when it comes to making our bikinis look just as fabulous whether you’re a B-cup or a J because we know that there’s nothing like a super-flattering cut to give you that extra blast of beach-side confidence.

We also firmly believe that you should be able to wear whatever style you want to the beach. Got your eye on a bandeau but fear you’d flash everyone on the water slide? Want to wear a triangle that doesn’t slip down in the time it takes to finish a popsicle? Stop fretting. If you love it, rock it, because, with a little bit of Pour Moi innovation, no style is out of your reach.

From bandeaus to tankinis to triangles, we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that all our high-fashion styles work well for everyone, no matter how much support or shaping they need. Even our lightest styles feature moulded pads and underwires to lift you like never before.

As if that’s not enough, we’ve come up with some extra tips to help you really make the most of your assets. Armed with this bikini body shape guide and a fabulous two-piece from our swimwear collection, you’ll be ready for that poolside selfie in no time. Just call us the bikini whisperer...


Best bikini for pear-shaped figures

If you’re juicier on the hips, thighs and bum than you are on top, you’re a pear - and that’s just peachy with us! But did you know that you can turn a pear into an hourglass with the help of a few bikini optical illusions?

  • Adding 3D details on your top half while keeping things simple on the bottom is an instant balancing trick. Along with the feminine frills, this Splash bikini top also has a gorgeous bow in the middle to draw the eye - and those admiring glances.


  • Little stripes can make a big difference to beautiful pears. Keeping them vertical on the bottom (with the help of our High Line tie side briefs) will slim your hips and elongate the look of your legs, while going diagonal on top (with the matching High Line bikini top) will maximise everything you’ve got up there.


  • Resist the temptation to cover up your bottom half completely with a boy short - it’ll only make you look bigger. Instead, opt for the leg-lengthening magic of high-cut bikini briefs, preferably with an adjustable tie that lets you choose where they sit and avoid any bulges. Our Puerto Rico Tie Side briefs are just perfect, as you can wear them above the hip on the smallest part of your waist, for a super-slimming, bulge-free look.


Best bikini for small chest

There’s no need to let small boobs knock your seaside confidence. Instead, think of all of their advantages! You can wear those high-fashion itsy bitsy styles in total confidence, something that your bigger boobed friends would envy. But if you want something that gives you some extra oomph where you need it most, try the following tips.

  • A good fit and some structure can do way more for your bust than layers of ill-fitting padding. Choosing something with underwire and light padding (like our Orchid Luxe padded underwired bikini top) is great for shaping, plus the vibrant print adds a good dose of visual volume.


  • Look for a top with embellishments, a bright print or textured fabrics to maximise. The Fiesta strapless underwired top has a popping red print and a ruffle to give you a great boost.


  • Halter tops work brilliantly if you’re smaller on top as they scoop up what you do have, then push it all together in the centre of your chest. Plus, the halter neck can make your shoulders look wider, balancing you out if you’re larger on the bottom. The Starboard padded halter does all of this, but adds a flattering ruffle at the neck edge to further shape your bust.


Best bikini for curvy figures

If you’re curvy with a smaller waist and balanced in the hips and boobs department, then you’ve got an hourglass shape and we’re officially well jell. Your bikini goal is really just to highlight your curves, and we’ll tell you how to do just that.

  • If you’ve got a great waist, emphasise it! To do this, look for a brief that doesn’t dig in, or sit too low on the hip. Opt for bikini briefs with a wider waist band that sits softly on the tummy and the lower back, like these Monaco belted briefs. The addition of the sexy belt will really let you rock those curves with confidence.



  • Strapless bandeau styles look great on an hourglass, so release your inner Marilyn Monroe in this gorgeous Heatwave option. With both underwire and light padding, it’s full of hidden features to keep you feeling supported, too.


Best bikini for a bigger tummy

We’ve all got those bits of us we’d rather not reveal to the world and for many of us, it’s our tummies. We spend most of our waking lives trying to disguise them and then along comes those two weeks of the year when we’re forced to sit nearly naked on a beach towel. But with the right bikini you can strut around that pool in confidence.

  • Choosing a tankini top with an embellished neckline and some padding up top will help to keep the focus upwards, rather than on your mid-section. The Glamazon cami convertible does this perfectly, with a sexy mesh and light padding to keep all eyes where you want them most.


  • When the high waisted bikini brief had its fashion resurgence, women everywhere breathed a collective sigh of relief. And now you can get the seriously sexy pin-up style with additional silhouette-slimming features. Our Bali control briefs not only have a front panel that sucks you in, it also has clever ribbed side panels, with the pleats placed diagonally to slim you even further.


  • Tankinis are great to conceal a tum, but if they’re too slim fitting they could cling to bits you’d rather disguise. And that’s where ruching comes in. A loosely ruched style such as our Bohemia tankini creates a pretty blouson effect that skims down your body. Yet the channelled ties allow you to pull them up when it’s time to get that tummy golden.


Confused as to whether you’re a pear, a square, an apple or a trapezoid? Don’t worry. Our Pour Moi bikinis are made with all shapes and sizes in mind. With so many to choose from, you’re bound to find your perfect fit.

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