Staying inside? Here’s how to do it in style!

If you can’t leave the confines of your own home, you’re not alone. Celebs from Ariana Grande to Taylor Swift are Instagramming their self-isolating adventures, from home workouts to cuddling their pets to Netflix binges.

They’re all doing their bit to show us that a period of downtime can actually have its upsides. Just think - no more FOMO because no one’s going out! Getting to hang out with your nearest and dearest! And you might even be able to finish that book you’ve been meaning to read...

At Pour Moi, we know it’s a stressful time for everybody and things aren’t ideal by any stretch of the imagination. But that just means it’s even more important to look after our own self-care, even if the only one who sees us is the cat.

With that in mind, we’ve made sure that many of our newest items in sportswear, loungewear and lingerie are available at huge discounts, to help you get through this in style.

So whether you’re working from home or twiddling your thumbs, here’s a few ideas from us, to you. Together we’re stronger, even if we do have to stay two metres apart!

Put together a home workout

Bummed that you can’t get to the gym? You don’t have to ditch your daily workouts. Turn a negative into a positive by exploring all the amazing home options available to you. Everyone’s got some workout DVDs lurking in their cupboards, and the old ones will really make you smile. Go totally retro with Jane Fonda, or be inspired by supermodel Cindy Crawford lunging along to Primal Scream.

If you really want to get those feel-good endorphins pumping, there are lots of options available for free on YouTube, too, from Zumba to ballet. Yoga with Adriene always gets excellent reviews, as do the dance workouts by the Fitness Marshall.

To inspire your new fitness regime, try the Energy non wired zip front sports bra. Not only will it keep you supported through the toughest home HIIT workout, the vibrant aqua and zip-front will make you feel like a total home gym bunny.

Throw a virtual pyjama party

There’s no reason to stop seeing your girl squad, but you guys have got to get creative. First, make a playlist of ‘quaran-tunes’ that you share with everybody, as well as recipes for a cocktail to get Happy Hour off with a bang.Then use a video conferencing service like Zoom of Facebook video chat to get you all connected.

Once you’ve all caught up, it’s time for a few games. Connect online for an epic Mario Kart race, or try Just Dance to get you all up and enjoying yourselves.

A gorgeous pair of new pyjamas will get you in the mood. The Spot collar shirt and matching Spot shorts will show you haven’t let yourself go since they last saw you.

Become a domestic goddess

Clear out the garage, start planting a garden, sweep the kitchen floor... Now’s the time to do all those little jobs you’ve been putting off.

But remember, you don’t have to run around being super-productive all the time. Take time to do homely things purely for the fun of it, such as learning to knit or sew or home-baking.

And while you may not feel like getting dressed up, you will feel better if you’re wearing something that fits and flatters. So try relaxing in the Cotton Check Frill Shorts and Frill Secret Support T-shirt to feel chic as indulge your inner Nigella

Pamper yourself

Now’s the time to really take care of yourself. Use that expensive body moisturiser after a long soak in the bath. Put on a hair masque - with no one around to see you, you can leave it on to nourish your tresses all-day long.

Or give yourself a manicure and pedicure and really take your time, pushing down your cuticles and massaging in hand cream. Then paint your nails in a vibrant shade that’ll make you smile whenever you see them.

As part of your self-care routine, choose something to lounge in that feels delicious against your skin. The Viva Luxe chemise is made of soft, flowing satin and has diamantes for added bling.

Spring clean your lingerie drawer

If your lingerie drawer is overflowing with ill-fitting bras, odd socks and tatty knickers, it’s hard to see the good stuff you actually want to wear. Now’s a good time to declutter, so it only contains the items that make you smile. Then, when you finally do get back to work, it’ll take you much less time to get dressed in the morning.

If there’s practically nothing left after you’ve had a good clear out, it’s time for a refresh. The pretty Flamenco bra and brief set will remind you that spring really has sprung, whenever you put them on.

Treat yourself to some Netflix and chill

You and your partner aren’t going anywhere. However will you pass the time? Once you’ve run out of Netflix shows to binge on and board games to play, it’s time to really connect as a couple.

So make a romantic dinner for two, before slipping into some lingerie he hasn’t seen before, with some of the new lingerie pieces from Pour Moi. The stunning Fiore plunge bra will make the most of your assets, pulling everything to the centre for maximum cleavage. Match with the sexy thong to get their pulse racing faster than an episode of The Stranger.

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