A love note to myself…

February is the month of love. But what would life be like if we showed ourselves just a teeny bit of the affection we so freely give to others?

Well here at Pour Moi, we’re on a mission to find out. Throughout the month of February we’re encouraging women everywhere to write a love note to themselves and their amazing, incredible bodies and post it to their socials. And to encourage you to take part, we’re giving away lots of lovely lingerie to one lucky winner.


Join our self-love revolution
At Pour Moi, we firmly believe that every body is unique, and that it's this diversity that makes us all beautiful. So it came as quite a shock to discover that, out of a survey of 2000 women, the language they used to describe themselves wasn't always quite so positive...

Overweight? Saggy? Horrible? No way, ladies! Not on our watch! We want every woman out there to see her body the way we do - awesome, awe-inspiring and worthy of all your affection (not to mention fabulous lingerie).

Our beautiful bodies work tirelessly for us every single day. It’s time we stood back and celebrated every last damn inch of them - and we want you to join us! That’s why this February, we’re dedicating ALL the love to our amazing bodies.

How to take part

From the scars who make us who we are to the silvery lines from birthing our precious children, it’s the imperfections that make us so perfect. And what better way of owning them then by writing our bodies a little love note of heartfelt thanks and appreciation?

Just post a selfie on your socials and tag us @pourmoiltd along with the hashtag #loveseverybody for a chance to win a new lingerie wardrobe. You’ll also need to finish this sentence in your caption: ‘I love my body because…’. And if you take part, you get the chance to win a whole new lingerie wardrobe.

Need a little inspiration to fall head over heels... with yourself? Just have a look at some of the moving love notes we’ve already received.

“I’m proud of me”

Dear me

Who’d have thought I would be writing a love letter to myself? Years of negative words, squeezing my rolls hoping they would disappear. My weight holding me back and not letting me flourish. Not now! I have realised how incredible my body is. Yes, my skin is saggy but it’s stretched as it carried my three children! How wonderful is that. I’m proud of me, I'm proud of every stretch mark and every roll because, guess what? I love me.

Holly @talesofboys

“You’ve withstood the negativity I’ve thrown at you”

Dear Body

We haven’t always had the best relationship, have we? At times I’ve hated you and resented the changes that you’ve made. I looked in the mirror and wondered why you were changing so much. What did I do wrong? But as I’ve grown older, I’ve learnt to love every part of you. You have been through trauma and pain to produce two beautiful children, who are my absolute world. You’ve withstood the negativity I’ve thrown at you daily and kept me going. I now look at every mark, scar, dimple, lump and bump and know it tells my story and I cherish every part of it. I promise to take care of you, love you, embrace every change that happens, enjoy you and be thankful for the ability to run, dance, swim, cuddle and move daily. To enjoy everything you’re able to do. I will never underestimate the power and beauty of you ever again.

Sincerely yours
Danielle @danielle_lucyy

A letter to my body

Over the years, I’ve been so hard on you. I have hated you for what you are not, and never fully loved you for what you are. I saw you as a series of flaws I needed to ‘fix’. Society told me that you weren’t enough and I believed it. For all those years I looked at you, wishing I could mould, shape, and distort you into something you were not, I AM SORRY. Thank you giving me the opportunity to grow a child, thank you for carrying me through every experience so far. And thank you in advance for all that you will accomplish as the years go by. My commitment is that daily I am going to remind myself how BLESSED I am to have the body I live in and I will treat you with more respect and kindness.

YOU are significant.
YOU are worthy.
YOU are strong.
YOU are beautiful.
YOU are enough.

Valerie @bl4ckdi4mond

“You’re the perfect home to my babies”

Dear Body

For so long I treated you like you’d done something wrong. I felt like who you were wasn’t right and I needed to change you in order to love you. I’m sorry for hiding you away under baggy clothes and calling you horrible names. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to see you for all the beauty you are and everything you are designed to do.
Without you I wouldn’t have my beautiful baby boy and this second life growing perfectly inside me right now. Everyday I’m getting bigger but I know you know exactly what you’re doing and I’m actually thankful. I never thought I’d get to a place where I would be content with the extra weight, stretch marks and dimples but they have been the perfect for home for my two babies. You have kept me safe and living for the last 27 years and it’s time to give you the love and respect you deserve.
So body, I’m writing this to you because I don’t say it enough. Thank you for being you and for being so patient with me as I learn to love myself for everything I am and all the beauty that you are.

Southerly @southerlybower

Good luck writing your love notes, we can’t wait to see them! And even if you’re not lucky enough to win the fabulous prize, you can still spoil yourself (and that amazing body of yours) this February. Our Valentine’s edit has just dropped and it’s full of inspirational ways to ramp up the self-love...

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