How To Get A Summer Ready Glow With St Moriz

5th May 2022
St Moriz summer glow

Summer is finally here! Whether you’re soaking up the sun at home or abroad we all have that summer glow on our minds. For many of us that sun-kissed skin is a distant memory but babes it doesn’t have to be. You can still look like you spent all day around the pool in your favourite swimwear, even if you haven’t stepped a foot outside. 

There’s nothing quite like the summer sun to bring out that radiant glow. Although if we don’t properly take care of our skin, we could experience sun damage, so make sure you always remember your spf50 ladies! There’s an easier way to achieve that bronzed look without spending hours under the sun’s harmful UV rays, with the help of fake tan.  

Whilst fake tan can be our best friend it can also be quite tricky to apply, often we’re left with streaks or patches when not applied correctly. Let’s face it a streaky and patchy tan won’t leave you feeling glam! And with so many types to choose from and so much advice, what has a girl go to do to achieve that summer glow? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! The experts at St. Moriz have got the lowdown on how to achieve a fresh and radiant summer glow. It’s so good you’ll be good to glow all summer long! 

St Moriz summer glow

How to fake tan your face 

Tanning your face no longer has to be tricky with specifically made products, such as the Tanning Serum Drops and Face Mist from the St. Moriz Advanced range. Both are super simple to use and will no doubt become your new go-to summer beauty product!  

Designed to be mixed with your existing skincare, a few drops of the St. Moriz Tanning Serum Drops will provide a radiantly glowing tan without losing the benefits of your skincare in no time. Looking for a product that not only leaves your face beautifully bronzed but also hydrated. The St. Moriz Face Mist is perfect for anyone who wants a fuss free tan! Simply mist all over the face and decolletage under or over makeup, then go about your day. 

How to avoid summer sun dilemmas 

Those pesky tan lines can provide a noticeable colour contrast, we’ve got a top tip for you to merge the two levels of colour together. Start by using an instant tan of your choice closest to your skin tone, grab a cotton pad and directly press in the tan into the lighter area, avoid hitting the tan line where it changes colour. Then blend the excess with a mitt or cotton pad to blend the edges together. If you still have a slight tan line, buff over with your favourite bronzer to seamlessly blend the lines together just before you head out!

When it comes to fake tanning and then getting in water, you need to be careful. Swimming in general will naturally break down fake tan on your skin, so if you’re wanting to keep a perfect tan we don’t recommend going for long swims in the sea or swimming pools. 

However, for those pool party vibes avoid staying in the water for a long time and be sure to rinse off in a lukewarm shower immediately after – this will get rid of any salt debris and chlorine. Pat dry and then if you feel like your tan needs a quick top up a super hydrating tinted moisturiser, like the St. Moriz Professional Daily Tanning Moisturiser will do the trick!

How to make your fake tan last longer

St Moriz summer glow

No matter how well you prep, at some point your tan will fade. But we’ve got you covered with some top tips on how to stay sun-kissed for longer. If there is one rule to live by when it comes to keeping that bronzed look for longer is to moisturise with an oil-free product every day to lock-in your tan 

Be kind to your skin and swap out harsh soaps and cosmetics for gentler versions that won’t strip your skin of its radiant tan. If long hot showers and baths are your thing it might be wise to shorten these to reduce the risk of your skin drying out which could risk your tan flaking. And no one likes a flaky tan! One of the best ways to enhance a fading tan is to use a gradual tanning lotion for a couple of days to deepen your glow for a few more days. 

Now that you are good to glow all summer long why not check out our range of swimwear that is full of supportive features, that will keep you feeling comfortable in the surf and turning heads in the sand. Looking for swimwear that fits in all the right places, read our blog on finding the perfect fitting swimwear.

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