Most Attractive Nationalities In The World

AI technology depicts what people from the most attractive nations might look like

Who doesn’t love a holiday romance? The salt in your hair, the sun on your skin, you’ve got your favourite swimwear on, and love (or lust) is blossoming between you and someone you’ve met on your vacay. It could be their accent, their skills in cooking, their national dish or maybe their distinctive style ticks your boxes, but something is certainly drawing you to that particular person. 

This sparked an idea with us, and we were curious to find out what the world thinks of other nationalities in the sexiness stakes. So, we’ve crunched the data to discover where has the most attractive citizens, perhaps providing you with a list of go-to destinations for your next trip if you’re looking for romance. We analysed Reddit data, scraping the number of posts and upvotes that spoke about attractive nations, to reveal which nationalities the world is most attracted to.  

To bring the findings to life, we used AI technology to discover what these attractive nations might look like. We asked AI to show us what ‘attractive’ looks like in each of these countries, and you can find the results within the data research below.

Top 50 Most Attractive Nationalities In the World


What AI thinks ‘attractive’ looks like in India

According to the data, people from India are considered the most attractive people in the world, followed by those from the USA and Sweden. The rest of the top five most attractive nations are Japan and Canada. India’s dominance could be linked to its hugely successful, internationally renowned Bollywood movie scene, which has produced multiple stars that have achieved world-wide recognition and a legion of adoring fans.


What AI thinks ‘attractive’ looks like in USA

Similarly, the USA has given us plenty of decade-defining icons, thanks to its blockbuster Hollywood machine, so it’s a place well-known for its lusted over celebrity faces.


What AI thinks ‘attractive’ looks like in Sweden

A great outfit can have the whole room turning heads, so we know that fashion choices can play a key-part in who we’re attracted to. Known for their minimalist sense of style and fashion both of which can play a part of Sweden being placed as the third most attractive nation.


What AI thinks ‘attractive’ looks like in Japan

Known also for their minimalist sense of fashion Japan placed as the fourth most attractive nation. However, their ultra-sharp street style can also have a part to play in this.


What AI thinks ‘attractive’ looks like in Canada

It could be Canadians’ outdoorsy nature that means they are the fifth most attractive nation, according to our research. With incredible mountain ranges, lakes and open spaces on their doorstep, they are known for loving the great outdoors which can be a ‘green flag’ for a lot of people.


What AI thinks ‘attractive’ looks like in France

Aside from movie-star looks, fashionable clothing and a love of the outdoors, accents undoubtably play a role in determining our attraction to one another. The way certain voices can make just about anything sound alluring, passionate or charming is a real turn-on for many. So, there’s no surprise as to why France places seventh.


What AI thinks ‘attractive’ looks like in Italy

It’s no surprise either that Italy placed eighth. Both the French and Italian accents have long been associated with this ideal, thanks to their depiction in popular culture. 

United Kingdom

What AI thinks ‘attractive’ looks like in the UK

The UK comes in as the 12th most attractive nation, with Ukraine, Denmark and Poland deemed as being more attractive according to the data.


What AI thinks ‘attractive’ looks like in Ukraine

The birthplace of many Hollywood actors, it comes as no surprise that Ukraine has made it high in this list, picking Denmark to ninth place.


What AI thinks ‘attractive’ looks like in Denmark

Height is something that is considered attractive by some and is often a playful source of conversation within the context of dating. Perhaps this is behind Denmark’s inclusion within the top 10, as they are known as a nation with some of the tallest people in the world. Similarly, Germany and the Netherlands are also known for their tall citizens and both countries landed within the top 20 most attractive nationalities.


What AI thinks ‘attractive’ looks like in Brazil

Overall, Europe has a total of 25 countries in the top 50 (including Ireland, Greece and Portugal), four North American countries are in the top list (USA, Canada and Mexico).  

Four South American countries feature too, and the data shows that its Brazil that is the most attractive country in South America, followed by Colombia and Venezuela.  

Asia has eight countries in the top 50, including China, Pakistan and the Philippines, whilst Ethiopia is named the most attractive African nation, followed by Somalia and Egypt.  

In the Middle East, the data shows that Israeli people are considered the most attractive, followed by Lebanese and Armenian people.

Table of most attractive countries in the world

Most Attractive Women In The World

Table of most attractive women in the world

Analysing the data by male and female, it’s Indian women that top the tables of the most attractive, followed by Japanese and Swedish women. It comes as no surprise that India claims the top spot, the country has achieved record success in iconic competitions such as Miss World, where it’s been crowned a total of six times with its earliest win back in 1966 and most recent victory in 2017.

Most Attractive Men In The World

Table of most attractive men in the world

When just looking at the male data, it’s British men that come out top as the most attractive. Followed once again by India, Italy and the USA and Sweden rounding out the top five. We perhaps could accredit the UK’s success thanks to its array of musical and acting talent that is currently dominating the world’s stage. For example, the likes of Harry Styles, Idris Elba and Tom Hardy are all achieving global recognition and success within their respective fields and regularly being lusted over by fans.

Of course, beauty is famously in the eye of the beholder but if this story has inspired you to seek out an international love story of your own, then it’s time to pick out some great swimwear options, plan that trip and get a taste of the most attractive nationalities for yourself 



Data correct as of February 2023.  

Any Reddit posts that spoke about ‘attractive’, ‘sexy’, ‘beautiful’, ‘handsome’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘good looking’, ‘pretty’ and ‘hot’ and a country was analysed. Score was created from number of posts, comments and upvotes. 

AI images were created using Midjourney.