The Pour Moi 2022 Bra and Boob Report

17th February 2022
Models wearing Pour Moi bras

*Our Virtual Bra Fitting Service has been temporarily suspended. But don’t worry you’ll still be able to find your perfect fit at Pour Moi. Why not try our fit calculator or conversion chart to help you find your perfect size.

Boobs, breasts, lady lumps or whatever you prefer to call them, they continue to be a popular topic of conversation. Whether you support yours with bras, crop tops or with nothing at all, we all show love to this part of the anatomy in some shape or form.  

To shed some light on the most popular bra and boob-related trends and queries, we conducted a study using various data streams (including Google searches, TikTok data and internal sales data) to reveal the top trending bra types, colours, and materials as well as shining a light on the most iconic on-screen bras. 

The Top Bra-Related Searches

Model wearing Pour Moi lingerie

Top Trending Bra Designs

We compared year-on-year searches to reveal 2022’s top bra trends. Looking specifically at different types of bras, research found that backless bras have had a huge 91% increase in searches, making it the top trending bra type. This type of bra is used more for ‘out-out’ clothes where your back will be on show, but you still want support at the front.  

Interestingly, plunge bras and halternecks are in the top five trending bra types. These designs are also go-tos for a night out where your outfits might have thinner straps and bare a little more skin than your day-to-day attire. This sudden rise in backless, plunging and halterneck bras is likely a result of people finally going back to nightclubs and bars after restrictions were lifted. This would also explain why searches for bra tops have increased by 59% as they are the ultimate worn to be seen accessory. For a little extra boost for your next evening out shop the plunge bra range at Pour Moi. 

However, second on the list are bralettes, which have seen a 67% search increase. The surge in demand is likely connected to the increase in people working from home. Being in the comfort of your own home for the entirety of the working day means that comfort is key, and as bralettes come with no underwires and usually without padding, they are the perfect WFH undergarment. This trend isn’t going away anytime soon, find your perfect fit with bralettes at Pour Moi. When you’re doing lounging, throw on your favourite blazer and jeans for the perfect worn to be seen look. 

At Pour Moi, we have noticed that our India range is trading very well with sales +271% up on last year, but the India bralettes are particularly strong taking 16% of sales. 

Also, amongst the most searched for bra types are corsets and balconettes, with searches rising by 28% and 21% respectively. Although corsets were most commonly used in the 1800s as a way of enhancing a woman’s hourglass shape, they seen a resurgence in popularity since the show Bridgerton hit our screens last year. Balconette bras are also a common look on the Netflix show, as their design style hoists everything up to deliver a Bridgerton-level cleavage.  

The popularity of corsets could also be on the rise as a result of the newly released Pam and Tommy TV show that has caused viewers to go crazy for Pamela Anderson’s lace-up leather corset.  

Model wearing Pour Moi bralette


Bra Design 

Online Searches 


Backless bra 



Bralette bra 



Bra top 



Plunge bra 



Halterneck bra 



Stick on bra 



Multiway bra 



Strapless bra 



Corset bra 



Balconette bra 


Top Trending Bra Colours

Model wearing Pour Moi bra

Looking at the most popular bra colours of 2022, brown bras and blush bras top the list, with searches rising by 60% and 56%. Brown, camel, and beige are incredibly popular colours both on and off the runway at the moment, which could explain the sudden rise in searches. Alongside these top two colours, there are also many brighter colours featuring in the top 10, which may be thanks to the resurgence of Y2K trends. Lilac and fuchsia bras have both had 51% more searches than last year, whilst lime bras have seen a 37% increase in demand.  

It’s interesting that green, lime, and khaki all feature in the top 10 trending bra colours. Aside from the tonal trend, catwalks and high-end fashion labels have all been seen debuting green in their spring collections, from Kelly green to bold, electric hues. 

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, sales on red bras and lingerie are very strong, as they are +11% up on last year.  


Bra Colours 

Online Searches 


Brown bra 



Blush bra 



Lilac bra 



Fuchsia bra 



Gold bra 



Silver bra 



Lime bra 



Green bra 



Cream bra 



Khaki bra 


Top Trending Bra Materials

Although a knitted bra might not sound like the most comfortable or the most supportive, its place at the top of the list may be a result of knitted co-ords taking Instagram by storm. Interestingly, one of the woollen numbers in question was brown which could be, yet another reason brown is the top trending bra colour of 2022.  

Knitted Bra

Lace is the third-most searched for bra material on the list, which could be accredited to season two of Emily in Paris. Yet another Netflix series that could be influencing our bra choices, the second series saw viewers taking to social media to share their love for Emily’s pale pink lace bralette.  

Diamante bras are fourth on the list with a 17% increase in searches; although they may seem a little extra, the likes of Kourtney Kardashian have flaunted their sparkly bras (paired with metallic shorts) on Instagram over the festive period.  

Sequin bra

We have noticed our customers loving detail such as embroidery; our India Embroidery set is our current best-seller and customers are also loving the diamante detail on our Bling It On range.  

Cotton bras are fifth on the list, followed by denim in sixth with a 13% search increase, which is very on-trend with the Y2K fashion revival that is happening now, made famous by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s double-denim attire in the 90s.  

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, it may be no surprise to some to see edible bras rounding off the top 10 bra materials. 


Bra Materials 

Online Searches 


Knitted bra 



Wool bra 



Lace bra 



Diamante bra 



Cotton bra 



Denim bra 



Leather bra 



Latex bra 



Jersey bra 



Edible bra 


Top Trending Famous Bras

Many on-screen bras have earnt the title ‘iconic,’ none more so than the Regina George purple bra, which is still trending 18 years after its debut on Mean Girls. Famously seen poking through the two holes cut into her vest, it’s still as iconic today as it was in 2004.  

Regina George bra - Mean Girls

Katy Perry’s whipped cream bra from the music video California Gurls is second on the list with 1,880 annual searches, followed by the metal bra donned by Princess Leia in the cult-favourite movie Star Wars.  

In fourth is Marilyn Monroe’s bullet-shaped bra which was the most popular bra style of the 1940s and 50’s and is still receiving 1,110 searches each year. Rounding off the top five famous bras is Britney Spears’ sports bra from the ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ music video.  

Top 5 Famous Bras


Famous Bras 



Regina George Bra 



Katy Perry Whipped Cream Bra 



Princess Leia Metal Bra 



Marilyn Monroe Bullet Bra 



Britney Spears Sports Bra 


Pour Moi’s Insights

Bra Fittings

Throughout lockdown having a bra fitting was off-limits, like many other things, so Pour Moi started to offer a virtual bra fitting service. The fitting campaign has been extremely popular since its launch, which is no surprise given that there were 86,000 Google searches for ‘how to measure bra size’ in the last 12 months. The interest peaked during the third lockdown right before Christmas, and then again around May 2021. Virtual fittings around that time are more sought-after, as summer clothes come back into our wardrobes and a correctly fitted bra becomes more crucial as there are no woolly jumpers to hide an ill-fitting bra.  

If you’re wondering how often you should be getting fitted, our expert team recommends every 6-8 months, unless you are starting to feel uncomfortable or have had big life changes that have impacted your physique, then it would need to be more regular.  

Wearing The Wrong Size Bra

Model wearing Pour Moi bra

After lockdown, there has been a shift in a lot of people’s weight (which will naturally happen over two years anyway), whether that is weight gain or weight loss. Weight change is the biggest contributing factor to your bra-size changing and your current bra becoming uncomfortable.  

The expert team of fitters at Pour Moi have found women are starting to ditch their bras as a result of discomfort and are turning to sports bras, bralettes and t-shirt material crop tops instead. When it gets to the root cause of why they have given up on wired bras, it’s because they were ill-fitted in the first place.  

There has been such an interest in bra size, how to tell if our bras don’t fit properly anymore, and how often our breasts change, that it’s become a trending topic on TikTok. The top trending hashtag on the video platform is #brafitting which has over 110.5 million views, with the most popular videos giving viewers helpful tips on how to spot a bad-fitting bra. Some advice includes lifting your arms above your head to see if the bra shifts upwards, placing your fingers at the fastener at the back and seeing if it can stay close enough to the body - and so much more.  



No. Of Views 



110.5 million 



107.3 million 



74.1 million 



56.2 million 



43.3 million 



12 million 



9.3 million 



2.7 million 

The expert bra specialists at Pour Moi recommend keeping a lookout for these tell-tale signs of an ill-fitting bra: 

  • Feeling like (or even saying) “I can’t wait to take this off” after a short amount of time - this means that the underwire is pushing into breast tissue which leads to pain. 
  • Excessive shoulder pain can mean that the band isn’t tight enough and the straps are doing all the heavy lifting (which they shouldn’t be). 
  • Overspill - if you feel like your boobs are popping out and breast tissue falling out the front of the bra, then this means you aren’t being supported.
  • Constantly having to pull straps up or rearrange your bra. 
  • If you can pull the bra away from the front of the body and there is a lot of room.
  • If the breast tissue falls out of the bottom.
  • If the back is too big and doesn’t stay flush to the body.  

Discover your perfect bra at Pour Moi with our virtual fit service and fit finder calculator. 

What Should You Do About It?

As one of the top trending TikTok hashtags is #braschool where they explain what wearing a bra should and shouldn’t feel like, and the dos and dont’s of shopping for a new bra, the team of bra specialists at Pour Moi have broken down some simple things to remember: 

  • Bras are mainly elastic, so they give over time through wearing and washing.  
  • Each time you wear a new bra, it’s the tightest the bra will ever be, so when getting fitted you want to be on the loosest fastening because as the bra loses the elasticity you can continue to keep tightening the back to continue to get support. 
  • When you get to the tightest setting on a bra (if the bra is one of the everyday bras that the consumer wears) you should replace it around every eight months.
  • Getting a bra-fitted is not embarrassing and it’s very important for your breast health. 

Has this got you thinking about the bras you wear? If your lingerie collection needs a revamp, make sure to check out our entire bra collection 

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