The spiciest of spice girls, Mel B is back!

We’ve teamed up with Mel B and her daughter Phoenix to show how the power of wearing comfortable, luxurious and perfectly fitting lingerie, clothing, nightwear and sportswear can impact your day in the best way!

In true Pour Moi style, we have a range of lingerie, clothing, nightwear and sportswear styles for every moment, occasion, size and shape so you can feel just as confident as Mel and Phoenix Brown every day.

So, whether you’re working out, relaxing at home, getting dressed up for a special occasion or simply need to update your underwear draw, we have something remarkable for every occasion. You’ll be sure to feel confident and fabulous with a little bit of Pour Moi added to your day.


“There is no such things as the perfect body. We all come in different shapes, sizes, colours, skin tones and all of them are beautiful. We need to celebrate all body types and shapes!”

Join us as we share some behind-the-scenes fun with Mel B and her family!

Plus find out how she feels confident in her own skin and why she wanted to work with us!