How to Feel Comfortable, Confident and Sexy in Your Own Skin

16th September 2021

Feeling comfortable, confident and sexy in our own skin can be a challenge! There could be many reasons, big and small, why you may find yourself not feeling confident. But as your biggest cheerleader we’re here to tell help you feel positive about every inch of your body and find that inner confidence, we know it’s in there! 

A great way to start feeling comfortable in your skin is to change what you focus on. We know it’s easier said than done, we’ve all been there! But rather than focusing on what you think are your imperfections, flaws, or the things you don’t like about your body, take some time to focus on all the things that make you amazing and write them down. Hold up! Before you say that you can’t think of anything nice to say about your body, we can think of a million.  

To help you on your own journey with self-confidence we caught up with some of our Pour Moi babes to discuss their own journeys, whilst sharing some much needed advice on how to feel confident and comfortable in your own body. 

How has your journey been with self-confidence?

Ambassador posing in Pour Moi lingerie

Alice Bradley: My self-confidence journey has taken on different meanings over the years, and it will be something I will continue to work on. I am in a great place right now, understanding that confidence ebbs and flows at different times each month. I have learnt to embrace those shifts and allow myself the breathing room to experience self-confidence on a spectrum. I think it's so integral to being truly happy in yourself - to love yourself during all points of your journey. 

Aleesia Small: My journey with self-confidence has been amazing! I am ultimately a happier and more outgoing person now! Being able to feel confident in my own skin is a great feeling and I am so happy I started on this journey. 

Sandie Roberts: My journey with body confidence has been a rocky one. In fact, I used to struggle to find a way to love myself at all. It’s only since becoming disabled and being forced to address my demons that I’ve found a way to love my body and appreciate how it allows me to enjoy this life I’ve been blessed with in a new and beautifully imperfect way. 

What advice would you give to others about feeling confident and comfortable in your body?

Flat lay of Pour Moi lingerie

Alice: Working out what your body needs is important, whether that's a cleaner diet, a fresh layer of fake tan or a self-care routine with your favourite skincare products. Taking the time to intuitively listen to your body will lead you to a closer relationship with your body. 

Aleesia: Don’t care or worry about what others think! It sounds so much easier said than done but once you truly stop caring and trying to fit into one 'ideal' category, you will honestly feel free! 

Sandie: As a disabled person and someone with multiple chronic illnesses I am wary of the seemingly helpful trend to love your body for its performance instead of its looks. None of us know when an accident or illness might change the way our body works. Loving your body in that way could be setting yourself up for trouble down the line, even as you age.

My best advice would be love your body as a vessel, it carries around your spirit, your soul, your energy and allows you to experience everything that this wonderful planet has to offer. Without it, in whatever shape or form it takes, you wouldn’t be able to partake in all of those wonders - try to love your body for that reason if you can. 

When do you feel your most sexy and confident?

Ambassador posing in Pour Moi lingerie

Alice: I think knowing what makes you feel good in your own body. For me I feel most sexy and comfortable in my body when/after I work out. The endorphins leave me on a high and I see a strong woman in the mirror. There is nothing more sexy and confident than a woman who values her strength. 

Aleesia: I feel most confident and sexy when I am in lingerie, especially Pour Moi lingerie. Before I would never even consider buying lingerie because I never had "the right body", but once I started to become more confident it was liberating! I feel so powerful and confident and it’s the best feeling!  

Sandie: I feel the most sexy and confident when I’m fresh out of the shower, fresh faced and naked! It’s taken so many years to come to love the lumps and bumps, the softness and gentle curves but now I can honestly say that I’m done with hating my own reflection. Building upon that with gorgeous lingerie and clothes is simply the icing on the cake. 

Are you ready to feel your fabulous like our Pour Moi babes? We want you to #JoinTheRevolution and embrace your body and ooze self-confidence in our new Revolution range. 

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