Keeping It Real With Vicky Pattison: Interview With Our Newest Pour Moi Babe

18th October 2021
Vicky Pattison in Pour Moi lingerie and nightwear

Our newest Pour Moi babe is back! As an advocate for body positivity, you’ll often find Vicky Pattison sharing the ‘real’ side of life on social media. We caught up with the Pour Moi babe as she shares what makes her feel fabulous, plus find out the women she is inspired by on a daily basis. 

What inspires you and why?

I am inspired by so much - but mostly I love brave, beautiful and strong women living life by their own rules. We need more of that - it gives me goosebumps. 

What does body confidence mean to you?

Vicky Pattison wearing Pour Moi lingerie

Body confidence to me is learning to love the skin you’re in - embracing every inch of your body, shunning society’s ideals of what is considered ‘attractive’ and celebrating your uniqueness! We’re all fabulously flawed and that’s what makes us human and beautiful. Big butt, little butt, huge boobs, itty bitty ones, cellulite, rolls, flat stomach, tall or small - we are all perfect in our own way. Once you realise that and learn to appreciate your body as so much more than a number on a scale - that is body confidence. 

What other women inspire you and why?

I’m inspired by so many women - from my own mam, to Kate Middleton to Michelle Obama. Kim Kardashian to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Marie Curie to Rosa Parks. Women do amazing things and we shouldn’t be put in a box, we should be celebrated because of our strength but also for our softness. I admire different women for different things - but ultimately females who follow their own paths regardless of adversity inspire me immensely. 

You're a mental health and positive body image advocate, what advice would you give for self-care?

Self-care looks different to everyone and it’s important to remember that. For me, it’s popping on a face mask, snuggling with Milo my dog on the sofa and indulging in some chocolate. But I know for other people it’s drinking green juice, doing a spin class, or laughing with friends. It’s important to listen to your body and your mind and you will know what you need. 

What makes you feel fabulous?

Vicky Pattison in Pour Moi dress

Feeling fabulous to me is all about getting glam, I’m a typical girl's girl! I want hair extensions and bronzer and I want them everywhere! Also, a killer outfit doesn’t hurt! Like the Julia Diamante Mini Dress from my Edit. That just screams fabulous. 

What are your go-to rituals to feel glam for a night out?

I always get a spray tan before a big night out and a nice blow dry. Other than that, I’m usually in a bit of a mad rush. Oh, and I always try and take a nice picture immediately because I am a notorious mucky pup. I don’t know how I do it but I’ve normally spilled something on myself within minutes of getting to a restaurant so as long as I have a picture before the chaos the gram still gets to see my fabulous outfit. 

What bra is most worn in your wardrobe? And why do you love it so much?

Vicky Pattison in Pour Moi bralette

I love a great black bra, like the Dark Romance Underwired Bra from my Edit, but honestly, I’m such an extremist. I’m either in something like that or a sports bra. I love the Energy Pulse Lightly Padded Sports Bra from my Edit, there really is no in between for me. Poor Ercan never knows which one he’s going to get! 

What is your favourite piece from the Edit?

This is such a tough question, I’m a PJ obsessed and in the winter months I’ll be living in all of them. The Gigi Chemise and Gigi Plunge Bra are stunning! 

With Christmas just around the corner, what’s on your Christmas wishlist this year?

Oh god, Ercan goes mad and always says I’m terrible to buy for! If I want something I usually buy it for myself and I always get more joy out of giving other people gifts. For years, I wanted a dog but now I have Milo I couldn’t be happier! I’m not answering this very well, am I? You know what? I’d love to be a Times number one best seller? Can I ask for that? I have a new book out in January and that is exactly what I want. 

Congratulations on the announcement of your book! What do you think is the secret to happiness?

Vicky Pattison wearing Pour Moi clothing

The secret to happiness is, there is no secret. Happiness looks different on everyone, you have to make mistakes, trust in your journey and let go of the past. We all have chapters that we’d rather not read out loud but they don’t have to define us. Let go of them, look to the future and understand that we all deserve to be happy. That would be my advice, oh and be kind that’s important. 

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