10 common questions about bras

27th July 2021
Models wearing Pour Moi bras

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Spare a thought for our poor bras. We wear them every day, spin them around in the washing machine and even (gulp) subject them to their nemesis: the tumble dryer. Yet we still expect our most delicate pieces to be always at their comfortable and supportive best. 

It is a wonder we treat our bras so badly, because buying a new one is no picnic. Overwhelmed with choice we pick up something in our size that looks pretty, and often end up with something that doesn’t feel quite right in return. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. At Pour Moi, we have all the tips and tricks you need to help you nail the perfect bra - first time, every time. So, if your bras dig in, slip down or gape open, just call on your fit fairy godmothers. 

We can solve any bra dilemma you can throw at us because, thanks to years of experience, there’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Whatever your bra niggle we’ll wave our magic wands to help your boobs look their best. 

So, get ready to wave goodbye to badly fitting bras forever with our answers to your most common bra niggles. Or head to the fitting room for more advice.

The problem: Bras slip off my shoulders

Pour Moi racer back bra clips

The solution: Tighten the straps and if this doesn’t solve the problem, it could be that the bra is old and the straps have stretched beyond repair, in which case it is time to buy yourself something new. But if shoulder slippage keeps happening even with new bras, it could be because your shoulders are naturally narrow or sloping. 

Find the perfect bra for you: Many multiway bras let you turn them into a crossback. Or try the Definitions Balcony T-Shirt Bra - it has a J-hook slider that turns it into a racerback. Failing that, racerback clips can turn your normal bra into a racerback style. Genius!

The problem: Bras give me a back bulge

Pour Moi flora bra

The solution: If you’re wearing the right band size, a little bit of back bulge can be unavoidable, particularly if the band is quite thin and delicate. If the bra really does feel too tight, you could try going up a band size up to see if that stops it digging in and causing bulges. Just don’t go too loose as the band won’t give you adequate support. 

Find the perfect bra for you: Look for more stretchy bras such as the Flora Lightly Padded Underwired or one that has a wider back band. If back bulges really are your number one bugbear, a shapewear body like the Charnos Superfit could help keep things smooth.

The problem: My breasts are too far apart for my underwire

Pour Moi Aura bra

The solution: Your underwire should always follow the natural curve of your breast. But if your breasts are wide set (meaning they’re a three-finger width apart or more) it can be hard to find an underwire that encases them properly. You’ll need to study each bra carefully. Look for options with a wide central gore (the bit between the cups), or a balconette with vertical seams. Or try a side support bra for a more forward projection. 

Find the perfect bra for you: For an option that gives lots of extra side support, try the Aura Side Support Underwired Bra.

The problem: Bras give me red marks

Pour Moi romance bra

The solution: If your bra digs in at the shoulders, try loosening the straps. But if it is the wire that’s digging in between your breasts, you may need to go up a cup size, or opt for a plunge because the wire starts lower down in the centre. If the wire is poking you underneath the armpit to leave a mark, a style with low underwire all the way round (like a balconette) could help. 

Find the perfect bra for you: Prevent pokey underwire with a low-wired balconette like the Rebel Underwired Plunge Bra. Or opt for a plunge style where the underwire is low in the centre, like the Romance Moulded Plunge Push Up Bra.

The problem: My nipples show through a normal bra, but I’ve got big boobs so don’t want a padded

Pour Moi definitions bra

The solution: This is a common misconception when you’re full in the bust. Never fear padded bras because choosing this style doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll add inches. A moulded t-shirt bra has a thin layer of foam lining in the cups. It won’t add any bulk, but it is ideal for eliminating nipple show-through. 

Find the perfect bra for you: Try the Definitions Plunge Lace T Shirt Bra for a smooth silhouette, even when it is a bit chilly out.

The problem: I’m spilling out over the top of my cups

Pour Moi st tropez bra white

The solution: You may need to go up a cup size or change your bra style. Your cups need to fully encompass your breast tissue to give you a smooth line at the top, with no bulging. Even if you’re going for a bra that gives you lots of uplift like a balconette, it shouldn’t ever give you the dreaded ‘quad boob.’ 

Find the perfect bra for you: Try a full-cup style like the St Tropez Full Cup Bra for comfort, support, and no bulges!

The problem: My bras gape open at the top of the cup

Pour Moi rebel bra black

The solution: If you find you’ve got a lot of space at the top of your bra it could be that the cup is too big, and you need to go down a size. But it could also be that the style of bra you’re choosing doesn’t suit the shape of your breasts. If your boobs are heavier at the bottom with less volume at the top, you’ll want something that lifts them up from the bottom, so they sit securely in the cups, like a balconette, padded or push-up bra. 

Find the perfect bra for you: Try the Rebel Padded Plunge for exceptional lift and shape.

The problem: I’ve got one boob bigger than the other

Pour Moi India bra

The solution: You’re not alone. Some 99 per cent of us have different-sized breasts, while 40 per cent have one breast that’s one or two cup sizes bigger. If that sounds like you, go for the cup-size that fits your largest side. It is better to have a little extra fabric on one side than a squished boob. 

Find the perfect bra for you: The Rebel Padded Plunge and India Removable Padded Soft Triangle Bra both have removable pads up to a DD+ or size 18. Just take out the padded insert on the bigger side and put both in the smaller side to even things up.

The problem: My breasts change throughout the month

Pour Moi amour bra

The solution: It is not just our moods that fluctuate! During the month we look for different things from our bras, be that extra comfort, more support or even an extra boost of confidence. For those with noticeable size increases and decreases, try a bra with stretch in the cup. 

Find the perfect bra for you: The Amour Non-Padded Bra is made of a special lace with lots of stretch.

The problem: I just hate wearing bras

Pour Moi non wired bras

The solution: Even when you’ve found your perfect size, we all have those days when we’d rather not wear a bra at all. But if you’re looking for support with a no bra, feel, why not try one of our non-wired options? They’re great for giving you shape under your loungewear but are so comfortable you won’t even know you’re wearing one! 

Find the perfect bra for you: Shop our collection of non-wired bras.

Need more advice?

Not sure of your size? Check out the fitting room guide to find out. Then visit the fitting room for lots more tips on finding the bra that’s right for you. Or for a personal touch, why not book a virtual bra fitting with one of our experts?

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