How to Wear a Thong and Be Comfortable

30th March 2022
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We might be bias over here but we’re mad about thongs! Whether you ‘love them’ or ‘hate them,’ thongs divide opinion. For many of us it’s almost a way of life to have to tolerate thongs. Yikes. What a way to live, right? Although that shouldn’t be the case. A great-fitting thong is just as important as a perfect-fitting bra. We don’t want you to just tolerate your thongs we want you to feel confident and comfortable in them! 

When chosen correctly, a thong can be comfortable, classy, and practical. Keeping those pesky underwear lines discreet, thongs can work for almost any occasion. It all comes down to finding the right fit and fabric for you. We’ve helped make this process even easier, by answering all your burning thong related questions. From how to wear a thong to the most comfortable thong styles, we’ve broken it down and offered some guidance on how to choose the right thong fit for you. 

What are thongs?

Believe it or not but the thong has a history dating back to ancient times, although we can imagine that these were a lot less comfortable back then. The now itty-bitty thong had humbler days as the thicker, bulkier loincloth – two pieces of fabric or animal hide tied together to cover a person’s modesty. Gross, we know! Thankfully, the modern-day thong is made from more comfortable fabric, typically sporting a wide waistband that supports a narrow strip of fabric between the cheeks with full frontal coverage. 

If you are looking for the queen of minimal underwear, then g-string thongs are what you need. With a narrower strip of waistband than traditional thongs, g-strings have a thin piece of fabric that sits between the buttocks and usually a small triangle strip in front. With different variations it’s important to work out what style of thong works for you. 

What are the most comfortable thong styles?

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Contrary to popular belief, thongs are a lot more comfortable than they appear. Whilst some people might complain of that wedgie like feeling that thongs might give you; they can be one of the most comfortable knickers to own. Due to the lack of fabric compared to a fuller pair of knickers, it’s less likely that thongs become bunched or saggy. What one person finds comfortable might be different to the next, therefore it's important to choose the right fabric. Thongs made from soft fabric with added stretch will provide all day comfort. 

In time you'll begin to find out what type of thongs are most comfortable and what styles are to be avoided. If you’re new to the world of thongs it’s important you get off to the best start by picking out the right thong underwear for you. Our Off Duty Invisible Thong which is comfortable, breathable and seamfree makes for a great entry point into thongs. For another super soft style that stretches with the body, look no further than the Love To Lounge Logo Cotton Thong. 

What to know when wearing a thong

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If no VPL is what you’re after, then thongs can often help with that. Although you can still get VPL in thongs, the naturally thin style can help reduce the likelihood. To overcome VPL opt for seamfree styles or string styles such as the India Thong, which is virtually undetectable under your clothes.  

Finding a comfortable fit also depends on what you’re wearing over your underwear. For low rise trousers, jeans, or skirts it’s wise to wear low-rise thongs so that they aren’t visible through your clothes. Unless of course you want to show them off! Wearing a high-waisted thong such as Parisienne High Waist Thong under your favourite high-rise bottoms will ensure that the shape of the thong won’t be seen.  

Pay attention to fabrics

Models wearing Pour Moi lingerie

Probably the most important thing to do when picking out a thong is to pay attention to the fabric. There’s nothing worse than irritating fabrics that get in the way of your day. Available in a variety of materials, thongs made from cotton are breathable and offer good hygiene, ideal for everyday wear. Whereas thongs made from satin and lace give more of a luxurious feel making these fabrics perfect for special occasions. Materials with a bit of stretch can also enhance the comfortability of the style. 

How to wear your thongs safely

We referenced above that cotton thongs are probably the most hygienic style of thong. But don’t fret, thongs made from other materials are still hygienic. Here are our top hygiene tips to ensure that your private parts are looked after.  

1. Change your thongs daily. This goes for any underwear style. Changing your thongs daily can stop the spread of bacteria (which can cause infections!) If at any time you have a yeast or bacterial infection, make sure you change your thongs more frequently. 

2. Choose a larger size. By going up a size in your thongs, you are offering more comfort and breathability. Many women find thongs initially uncomfortable because they are sticking to their current size or even going down a size. 

What clothes should I wear with thongs?

We’re not here to tell you when you should or shouldn’t be wearing thongs, that’s a personal choice. However, thongs works great under more fitted clothes, as they often don’t show VPL. Tight fitting leggings, trousers, skirts, and dresses work well over thongs, as they help to keep underwear lines discreet. Thongs are also a great decision when working out. The thin fabric will provide enough support during your workout but will be practically invisible under your figure flattering sports leggings. 


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