Is Sleeping in a Bra Bad for You?

11th May 2022
Models wearing Pour Moi lingerie

We’ve all been told different things. Don’t wear a bra when you sleep because it will cause your boobs to sag. Do sleep in a bra to prevent your boobs from sagging. But which is right? Is it better to sleep with or without a bra? That’s what we’re here to help with! We weigh in on the age-old debate of whether sleeping in a bra is good or bad for you! 

Is sleeping in a bra bad for you?

Let’s clear things up here, wearing a bra to bed does not lead to serious health problems, so if you want to, go ahead! If you feel comfortable sleeping in your bra, then do it! If you’re unsure whether to or not, we’ll help make that decision easier for you. Many of us have been told several reasons to not wear our bra to bed, however wearing a bra to sleep in might help reduce discomfort related to breast swelling. Whether it’s hormonal changes, you're breastfeeding or weaning, a comfortable bra such as a maternity bra might lead to a better night’s sleep. There’s nothing to prove that sleeping in a bra is bad for you, genetics, patterns of breastfeeding have far more influence on your breast shape than whether you wear a bra to bed. 

The side effects of sleeping in a bra

Models wearing Pour Moi lingerie

You might be surprised to know that not only are there are no major benefits of sleeping in a bra, but there are also no major negative side effects either. Although if you chose to wear a bra to sleep in, it’s worth sleeping ‘braless’ a couple times a week to give the body a ‘night off. The only downside to wearing a bra whilst sleeping is the potential of skin issues. Wearing a bra to sleep in that you’ve worn all day can accumulate oil, sweat and bacteria which can lead to skin irritation, acne, and other skin conditions. We aren’t saying that if you wear your bra to bed that this will happen, but it might be worth washing your bras more frequently if you sleep in them. Unsure on how to properly wash your lingerie? Check out our lingerie care guide blog on the best way to care for your bras.

The best bras for sleeping

Model wearing Pour Moi lingerie

Now that we’ve cleared up a few things, you may no longer want to wear a bra to bed. However, if you find the compression and support to be comforting, we’ve pulled together the best bedtime (and anytime) bras, to help you drift off. We can’t stress the importance of a well-fitting bra enough. Check out our virtual fit service or fitting guide to make sure you have a comfortable and supported bra that fits in all the right places. When choosing a bra to sleep in non-wired styles are the most comfortable style you can go for. Made for everyday wear, the India Non Wired Soft T Shirt Bra is made of the softest microfibre fabric, so comfortable you’ll forget you’re even wearing it. Another of our bedtime favourites is the Love To Lounge Logo Cotton Non Wired Crop Top. This soft cotton style is great to relax and slumber in, and with an elasticated underband for extra support this bra will help you get a restful night’s sleep. Match with the Love To Lounge Logo Cotton Deep Brief for some decadent snoozing. 

We didn’t call it our Love To Lounge range for nothing. Made with lightweight foam cups and elasticated underband for support, the Love To Lounge Cotton Non Wired Bra is the ultimate sleep bra. Made from soft marl fabric, this comfortable bra with matching Love To Lounge Cotton Brief is the perfect set to catch some z’s. Another great bra to sleep in is the Off Duty Invisible Non wired Bra, in a beautiful bralette shape, this super soft, support and smooth style will be virtually undetectable whilst you sleep. Pair with the Off Duty Invisible Deep Brief for a comfortable night’s sleep. Now if bras aren’t appealing to wear whilst you sleep the Off Duty Rib Jersey Support Cami might be more your thing. This basic staple is designed with comfort in mind, providing secure support without an underwire this breathable cotton rib jersey top is one to add to your sleepwear collection. 

The best nursing bras for sleeping

Model wearing Pour Moi lingerie

If you’re nursing or weaning, wearing a bra when you sleep might be quite comfortable. Maternity bras are a great option if you’re looking for a bra to sleep in, as they’re functional, stylish, and comfortable. The Love to Lounge Cotton Nursing Bra is perfect for breastfeeding with an inner side sling to support you and with room to support you as your body changes. Another bra from Pour Moi’s maternity range is the Rebel Nursing Bra. Non wired and lightly padded, this comfortable style with adjustable straps and nursing drop down clip is ideal for sleeping.

The best nightwear for support

Model wearing Pour Moi nightwear

Sometimes you want a little bit more from your nightwear other than comfortable fabric and beautiful colours and detailing. Sometimes you need a bit of extra support. Luckily, we have a range of nightwear products with built in secret support. Our Luxe Woven Secret Support Chemise that comes in several beautiful colours and prints, has a secret support shelf inside, so you’ll feel secure as you unwind in style. Calling all sleeping beauties looking for some support when you sleep. The Sofa Loves Lace Secret Support Soft Jersey Cami and matching Sofa Loves Lace Soft Jersey Trouser offers hidden secret support within the cami to keep things secure and comfortable. In a range of colours this beautiful set is made from super soft jersey fabric and features delicate lace trim throughout. 


If you’re convinced that a bra to sleep in is for you, check out our non-wired bra collection now for a sleep bra so comfortable you’ll forget you’re even wearing one. 

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