What to Do with Your Old Bras

What to Do with Your Old Bras

Bored of your bralette? Full-cup doesn’t fit properly? When it’s time for a declutter, one thing that’s hard to get rid of is our bras. Whether they’re scratchy, ill-fitting or an impulse buy that really doesn’t suit us, we hang on to our old bras for far too long. And the result? An underwear drawer so full of pieces that there’s no room for anything that fits, flatters and makes us feel fabulous. 

It would be a whole lot easier to part with our old bras if we knew what to do with the damn things. But fear not, as there are plenty of ways to give your old lingerie a brand new lease of life. 

From making them into facemasks to donating them to fantastic causes, read on. Because, with our guide, the only thing you have to lose is that overflowing lingerie drawer...

Can bras be altered?

Pour Moi bra solutions

Unless you’re a gifted seamstress, it’s probably best to step away from the needle and thread. These days, bras are such a feat of modern engineering that any DIY alterations risks make them at best uncomfortable and at worst, unwearable! And, let’s face it, no amount of sewing will make an underwire fit you properly. 

Luckily, there are a few bra-fitting hacks that don’t include turning your bra into something that even Frankenstein’s monster would describe as a ‘bit funny looking’. Here are some of our bra solutions below. 

  • Bra extenders are an easy fix if the cups are fine but you need a little more room in the band. Our pack of three bra extenders come in three neutral colours and should help you breathe more easily! 
  • Shoulder pads are perfect if your bra straps cut into your shoulders. Made of silicone, just slip your straps onto our soft shoulder pads to instantly transform your uncomfortable bra to something luxuriously easy to wear. 
  • Racerback clips are a great way of stopping your straps from falling down. Our pack of four racerback clips has two black and two clear options to ensure they go with everything.

Can bras be donated?

Against Breast Cancer and Small For All logos

It’s worth checking with your local charity shop if they accept underwear donations. However don’t fret if no, there are some good causes out there who'd love to take your good-condition second-hand bras off your hands. 

  • Having easy access to underwear is something we take for granted, but for women and girls living in remote or poorer parts of African it’s a luxury that’s hard to find. Smalls For All accepts postal donations of new or gently worn bras which it distributes to women and girls in Africa. They also provide underwear for charities helping those living in poverty in the UK. 
  • For every tonne of bras collected, Against Breast Cancer receives £700 to fund their research. You can send them your bras through the post or via one of their bra banks at locations nationwide.

Can bras be recycled?

Can bras be recycled?

We want our products to be cherished and a part of your wardrobe for a long time, but we know that there will be a time when you need to say goodbye to your beloved garments. Other than passing down or giving to charity there is always the option to recycle your pre-loved clothes. Find you nearest clothing recycling point at the Recycle Now website. Simply fill in your postcode, find your nearest location and drop off your unwanted items.

Can you turn an old bra into something else?

Love to craft? Then it’s time to get busy with your bra.

Turn an old bra into a face mask 

Like to joke that you can fit your entire head into your bra? Then prove it by making it into a face mask instead. Simply cut out the cup leaving one strap attached which you sew onto the other side and voila! Extra points if you use a padded bra for a built-in filter.   

Turn a bra into a bird feeder 

When avid gardener Debra Baldwin posted the video of her bra bird feeder to her Instagram page, it quickly went viral and has been seen by over 12 million people. But it didn’t just attract more viewers to her channel, it was just as popular with her feathered friends. 

Want to try it for yourself? Just put a bra between two S hooks that you hang from trees or a fence and fill the cups with approved birdseed. OK, so the neighbours will think you’ve gone mad but at least you’re saving your bra from landfill! 

Turn the bra straps into an accessory 

Did you know that bra straps make a super cute headband and an unbelievably adorable bracelet? Nah, us neither! 

Turn your bra into a planter 

Unleash your green fingers and make your old bra home to some plants. Spice up your garden with some bra planters, all you need to do is sew the band together, create a bottom to hold in the dirt and plant your favourite plant. 

Now you’ve made some room in your lingerie drawer, how about filling it with bras you love instead?