Your guide to different lingerie styles

Fan of a full-cup? In love with a longline? Passionate about a plunge? We all have the go-to styles we return to again and again. But if your T-shirt bra collection is starting to take over your lingerie drawer, it may be time to try something new.

When it comes to lingerie, it’s easy to get stuck in a style rut. Our favourites are a favourite for a reason - they’re comfy, supportive and more uplifting than a chat with your best friend. But having different shapes to choose from each day means you’ll always have the right lingerie for your outfit. And some worn-to-be seen options replace the need for an outfit at all!

So if you’ve never been brave enough for a basque or think you couldn’t possibly wear a bustier, we’re here to help you think again. Our guide to some of the different lingerie styles on offer at Pour Moi is full of fresh, fierce pieces designed to rock your world. And with streamlining, body-boosting features built-in, they’re the perfect antidote to bra boredom.

Want to know more about different bras, and what they can do for you? Head to the fitting room where our guide to bra shapes has all the answers.


What is basque lingerie? Basques are a huge trend in lingerie that’s crossed over into the world of fashion. Once kept strictly under wraps, they’ve left our lingerie drawers to strut their stuff at casual brunches, cool cocktail bars and even the boardroom!

Corsets and basques are often confused and, because both nip you in at the waist and smooth your hips to create that sought-after hourglass shape, it’s easy to see why. However basques are softer and more gentle, and their flexible style comes with a built-in bra.

Why do I need a basque in my life? Worn as lingerie, basques add definition to your shape and really give your bust a boost. But wear them to be seen and they really come into their own! They’ll streamline your silhouette, look cute with lots of the clothes you already own AND they never bunch up, come un-tucked or look messy! All this and you never have to worry about what bra you’re going to wear underneath.

How do I wear a basque? Pop a basque under a chunky knit cardigan, leather jacket or blazer for a look to take you from brunch to bar. Wear with jeans and heels, tailored trousers or even a maxi skirt.

Which basque should I buy? The Imagine will give a luxe look in the boudoir while the Opulence makes a streamlining worn-to-be-seen option. But if you’re a total newbie to the underwear as outerwear trend, the Confession Lightly Padded Underwired Basque is a great place to start. Not only will the soft padding give you a little more shape and support, the strapping detail helps it feel a bit more like a going-out top and less like you’ve forgotten to put a blouse on.

Find the basque that makes you feel like a supermodel


What is a corset? A well-structured, sturdy garment with panels or boning, corsets have been used for centuries to slim the body at the waist, exaggerating the bust and hips. Stiffer and less flexible than a basque, they were once so restrictive they were seen as a symbol of female oppression. Luckily, fashion designer Vivienne Westwood’s corsets turned that idea on its head.

Sexy, comfortable and feminine, Westwood’s designs reclaimed the undergarment as a sign of empowered female strength. Her corsets were to be worn where everyone could see them, starting the trend for underwear as outerwear.

Why do I need a corset in my life? Want the kind of curves Jessica Rabbit would be proud of? Nothing beats a corset. Pretty and sexy, corsets look beautiful as lingerie. But because they’re so well-constructed in fabrics such as satin, they look like a proper top in their own right.

How do I wear a corset Corsets give instant sexy style to your favourite denim, satin trousers or a midi skirt. But for daytime you could style a corset over a white blouse or tight mesh top, or just let it peek out from under a biker jacket or blazer.

Which corset should I buy? The Satin Luxe Corset mixes luxurious stretch satin with lace and mesh panelling and has a cute lace-up detail. Or, for a more discrete take on the trend, try the India Corset Waspie. Worn over a blouse, the mix of lace and mesh gives a superb sexy shape, while the gold hardware provides a luxe finish.


What is a bustier? More flexible than a corset and fancier-looking than a bra, bustiers are a bit like a basque only shorter, typically sitting just above the waist. Because they’re more like a basque than a bra in terms of design and construction, they can also be worn to be seen.

Like a bra, bustiers usually fasten with hook-and-eye closures. But with lashings of support coming from that extra long underband, bustiers can do things to your silhouette that normal bras cannot, smoothing the torso and lifting the breasts at the same time.

Why do I need a bustier in my life? Bustiers not only support, lift and define, they give you a tiny torso, so they’re a bit like a gorgeous bra and shapewear all rolled into one. Although they can be worn by anyone, all that extra support from underneath makes them perfect if you’re fuller in the bust.

How do I wear a bustier? You can wear a bustier under your clothes like you would your normal bra. But many styles come with ornate details, lace overlays and extra straps that were meant to be shown off. Slip a bustier under a sheer blouse or mesh top, or style with a midi skirt and heels. They’re so versatile you’ll wonder how you lived without one!

Which bustier should I buy? Wear the Strapped Strapless Padded Bustier on a night-out and you’ll feel shaped and supported. The Make A Scene Strapless Padded Lace Bustier has removable straps that give you two glam looks in one, or try the India Underwired Bustier for a daring mesh take on the trend.


What is a bralette? A bralette is a soft, feminine bra that looks a bit like a crop-top and can also be worn as outerwear. Lightweight and relaxed, the bralette is all about embracing a natural female silhouette.

Although traditionally bralettes were non-wired, dress-sized and lacy, these days, bralettes come with supportive features and you’re just as likely to see them made of satin and mesh.

Why do I need a bralette in my life? Bralettes were once so flimsy that their relaxed, unlined style was out of reach for anyone bigger than a B-cup. But if you need a bit more lift or shaping up top you’ll be pleased to hear things have moved on. Many of Pour Moi’s own bralettes come with underwires or other supportive features that don’t sacrifice their fashionable, lightweight look.

How do I wear a bralette? Wear a lace bralette under a sheer blouse or let it be seen under a slouchy tee to add a touch of flirtatiousness to your loungewear. Or try a caged or strappy bralette with your favourite denim or midi skirt.

Which bralette should I buy? Love that traditional, lacy bralette look? The Flora Underwired is pretty and delicate, while still offering lots of support. Prefer something with a bit more edge? The India Front Fastening Bralette is perfect if daring mesh is more your style. But if you’ve tried wearing lace bralettes in the past and ended up with that squished-together look, try the Opulence Front Fastening Underwired Bralette. The built-in underwire will keep your bust firmly but comfortably in place, while the deep plunge adds even more definition.

Sleep Bras

What is a sleep bra? Can’t sleep comfortably without a bit of support? Want something you can lounge around in at home? Sleep bras are exactly what you need.

Super soft and wire-free, sleep bras feel like a second skin, and you may even get a gentle lift from the lightweight, breathable fabrics.

Why do I need a sleep bra in my life? If you have larger breasts, a sleep bra may prevent back pain and can ensure that the skin between your breasts isn’t strained. They can also be useful if you’re pregnant and your breasts feel sore or sensitive.

How do I wear a sleep bra? Wear it under your favourite nightwear or loungewear whenever you need a soft, wire-free lift.

Which sleep bra should I buy? For all-night comfort and great shape, choose the Twist Cotton Soft Non Wired Bra - its lightweight foam cups give soft support without a wire. The Imogen Rose will give you a lovely smooth shape and its plunge style is perfect for V-neck loungewear. Or try the Opulence T-shirt Non Wired for a sleep bra with pretty lace on the cradle.


What is a chemise? Don’t know whether you want sexy lingerie or decadent nightwear? With a chemise, there’s no need to decide! The epitome of retro glamour, a sensuous chemise can also be worn under your clothes to smooth your silhouette or even as daring outerwear.

Usually made of silky, sensual fabrics, a chemise can be long or short, and many have adjustable spaghetti straps to ensure a perfect fit. They may have lace on the bust and a skirt that flows over your body without clinging, to create that soft, romantic silhouette.

Why do I need a chemise in my life? Chemises make gorgeous nightwear, but they’re perfect if you’re a novice to the world of sexy undergarments. Full coverage while still being super sensual, they’re almost like a mini dress that looks feminine and flirty without leaving you feeling too exposed.

How do I wear a chemise? Wear a chemise as a petticoat and you’ll give static the slip - the silky fabric stops dresses from clinging to your tights and full skirts from bunching up between your legs. Or wear a chemise as supremely flattering nightwear or lingerie.

Which chemise should I buy? If you’re fuller in the bust, try the Flora Chemise. It doesn’t have a line that could cut across your breasts. Need more oomph up top? The Sofa Loves Lace Jersey Chemise has removable padding to add more shape and support. Enjoy a sensual bedtime with the Amour Luxe Chemise - you’ll love the lace tie-up feature at the back. Or try the beautiful colour contrast of the Bridgette Chemise and you’ll exude grace and poise.

Whether kept under wraps or worn to be seen, our supportive lingerie always makes a stunning style statement. See what’s trending now.
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