How to Organise Your Underwear

10th March 2022
Models wearing Pour Moi bras

Is your underwear drawer overflowing? Are you forever searching for your favourite lingerie pieces but can’t seem to find them? Or maybe you feel like your once trusted go-to bra isn’t supporting you in the same way it once did. It might be time to have a good old fashioned clear out. But where to start? We’ve taken the fuss out of organising your underwear drawer with our simple steps. You’ll be an organising pro in no time! 

4 simple steps to organise your underwear

They don't call it life-changing for nothing! If you’ve ever watched world-renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo help her clients clear out the clutter, you’ll know how much of an impact it has on their lives. Something as simple as organising your underwear drawer can bring joy, satisfaction, and a sense of achievement to your day. So, rather than letting the dreaded underwear drawer stress you out, embrace the challenge by following our top tips. 

Out with the old

Model wearing Pour Moi bra

The first job is to empty your underwear drawer or wherever you keep your lingerie. At first it might seem overwhelming but trust, us once you’re done it’ll feel very therapeutic. Go through every item, making a pile for damaged, tattered, ill-fitting or uncomfortable items. It’s time to say goodbye to these items. Whilst re-purposing your knickers might be trickier, there are plenty of ways to give your old bras a new lease of life. Our blog on what to do with your old bras gives you plenty ideas from making them into facemasks to donating them to fantastic causes.  

You’re second pile will be full of items to keep. When trying to decide what to keep versus toss, remember that the end goal is to have an underwear drawer that is stocked with only those pieces that make you feel confident, comfortable, and fabulous.  

In with the new

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Now that you have repurposed, recycled, or given your old bra a loving new home, it’s time to fill your underwear drawer with anything you’re missing. It’s good to have a mix of styles and colours on rotation, to get you through the week without having to do laundry. If you’re unsure of what bra styles you need, our blog explores the different styles you should own, from everyday to special occasion. 

If you’re looking to replace underwear that has seen better days, or fancy a change of style, why not pair your underwear with your bras in our fabulous matching lingerie sets. Or stock up on your favourite styles such as thongs, high-waisted and brazilian knickers in a variety of colours. Not sure what knicker styles deserve to make it into your underwear drawer, our guide to the different types of knickers will help you out. 

Time to organise

Models wearing Pour Moi hosiery

There’s a number of ways to fold your lingerie, from grouping by type, style or colour, our favourite way to organise is with drawer dividers. Saving you time and energy, and at a low cost, drawer dividers help give everything a place. By separating your bras, knickers, and hosiery into different drawer dividers it makes planning your outfits even easier. We’ve taken top tips from our blog on how to fold underwear to help you become the organisational pro you were meant to be!  


How to fold knickers  

Folding knickers into a compact square means you’ll be able to store them neatly with each one’s waistband showing, allowing you to pinpoint the perfect pair of knickers in a flash. It will also help them keep their shape, preserving the life of your panties.  

Top tip: Keep smoothing out the knickers as you do each step to make them as flat and wrinkle-free as you possibly can.  

Step 1: Lay the knickers on a flat surface, face up and with the crotch towards you.   

Step 2: Fold the crotch up so it sits flush against the waistband.  

Step 3: Fold each side in towards the centre so they overlap each other.  

Step 4: Turn them over and voila! One neat, cute square.   


How to fold knicker shorts or boxer shorts    

Bigger knickers don’t mean bigger storage problems. Create order from chaos by making them small and neat with the following method.  

Top tip: Do your folding on top of something firm and smooth like your dressing table or an ironing board. 

Step 1: Lay the boxer shorts or knicker shorts face up on a flat surface with the crotch towards you.  

Step 2: Fold the left leg in towards the centre. Then fold the right leg over the top to sit flush with the left edge, forming a straight line.  

Step 3: Fold the waistband down to the centre point.  

Step 4: Tuck the legs inside the waistband until you get a neat square.  


How to fold a bra  

There are two golden rules that apply to all the bras in your lingerie drawer…  

  1. Never fold the cups! Folding the cups of non-wired bras may be a tempting space-saver, but this can misshape the delicate silk and lace.  
  1. Always attach the back clasp. Letting hook and eyes hang loose can snag other garments and ladder your tights.  

Most bras can be folded at the central gore to sit neatly in your drawer, but moulded styles such as T-shirt bras shouldn’t be folded in on themselves. Why? Because this can cause dents and puckers which can be seen through your clothes. Instead, just stand them vertically next to each other in your drawer.  


How to fold tights  

Tangled tights can truly overtake your lingerie drawer, making it hard to see what’s in there. The simplest way to deal with them is to roll them up and tuck them in, like you do with your socks. 

Step one: Lie your tights on a flat surface. 

Step two: Fold them in half lengthways so that one leg is on top of the other.  

Step three: Starting with the toes, roll them up towards the waistband until there’s nothing left to roll.  

Step four: Tuck the waistband over the roll so it all stays together. 

How to care for your lingerie

Do you really need to wash your bra every time you wear it? What temperature should you wash your knickers? Looking for even more advice on how to keep your bras in tip-top condition? Find out the answers to all these questions and more in Pour Moi’s big guide to caring for your underwear. It’s full of expert tips and advice from our garment technologist, Lois Siciliano. 


Be sure to show your underwear drawer some love with everyday to sexy styles with lingerie at Pour Moi. 

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