Your Sportswear Care Guide

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Your sportswear has seen a lot. From stretched fabric, sweat, pulls and snags, your activewear is always there to see you through the toughest of workouts. That’s why your sportswear needs to work as hard as you. But it can’t do that if it hasn’t been looked after. Most activewear is made from synthetic materials and need to be washed and looked after with care. But how do you wash your sportswear correctly? How do you get sweat odours and stains out of your activewear? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ve pulled together a full guide on how to care for your fitness wear.

How to care for your sportswear

After a sweaty workout, you might be tempted to throw your gym kit in the laundry basket and get on with your day. But before your move on with your all-important plans its worth thinking about washing your sportswear. Why? Because leaving your sweaty gym kit lying in your laundry basket for days can result in unwanted bacteria sinking into your favourite leggings and sports bra. Washing your sportswear straight after a workout session will stop the spread of any bacteria. Now we know you might not have a chance to do this every time, so if you cannot wash straight away, we advise hanging your sportswear on a washing line or clothes dryer to let them air-dry, rather than scrunched up in a sweaty mess in your laundry basket.

How often to wash your sportswear

From the above, you’ve probably guessed our answer to this question. You should wash your gym kit every time after working out! No one wants to wear smelly sportswear two days in a row, not to mention all those bacteria that’s hiding in your favourite activewear after yesterday's heavy workout.

How to wash your sportswear by hand

If you like to wash your sportswear by hand, we’ve included a handy guide to follow to make sure your gym kit comes out looking new and feeling fresh. 

  • Pour half a cap of washing liquid into 2L of lukewarm water 
  • For some added freshness, try adding in some lemon juice 
  • Leave the clothes to soak in the water for about 15 minutes 
  • Then scrub, with a soft brush, the parts that smell of sweat such as the armpits and back 
  • When you’re happy, rinse and wring out the water 
  • Hang your gym kit out to dry either outside on a washing line or inside on a flat surface or clothes dryer

How to wash your sportswear in the washing machine

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If you prefer to wash your gym kit in the washing machine, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Luckily, we’ve included all of these in our handy guide below. If you’re washing your sports bra, follow the steps in our lingerie care guide instead. 

  • Firstly, it’s best to wash your sportswear together or with lightweight fabrics. Washing your sportswear with towels or robes can distort your favourite leggings or sports bras during the wash cycle, as they can become very heavy when wet. 
  • Sportswear, that is often made from synthetic materials such as lycra, polyester or elastane are very sensitive. Heat can damage these further. That’s why it’s best to not use wash cycles over 30 degrees. 
  • Fasten all zips before washing to prevent the garment from being pulled out of shape during the wash cycle 
  • Turn your sportswear inside out and place in a washing bag to prolong the life of the garments and help prevent micro plastics from entering the water 
  • Avoid softeners. These prevent the fabrics function to absorb moisture. 

TOP TIP: If you find that your sportswear is holding onto odours after washing, soak it in a solution of water and vinegar for 15-30 minutes. The ratio of vinegar to water should be one parts vinegar to four parts water. Then wash the clothes as normal.

How to dry your sportswear

Just like lingerie, you shouldn’t tumble dry your activewear. For the sake of your garments, and your electricity bill, it’s best to dry your sportswear naturally. Either hanging on clothesline, clothes dryer or on a flat surface. To keep your gym kit looking good for longer, try drying out of direct sunlight.

Sportswear care top tips

There’s not much else to cover in our sportswear care guide other than avoiding the iron! Most sportswear is made using fabrics that will naturally prevent excessive creasing. Ironing with heat will also encourage the breakdown of elastic and can degrade, damage and even melt the fibres! No one wants that! 

Now you know how to get your gym kit in tip top condition, why not check out our range of fabulous sportswear? From leggings, sports bras, sports tops and even sports swimsuits there’s something to suit everyone and every activity.

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