Your Swimwear Care Guide

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Finding the right swimwear is one of life’s beautiful moments. From that flattering tankini, on-trend bikini or supportive swimsuit you’ve spent your precious time and money to find the perfect fit. You haven’t gone all through that for your swimwear to lose its shape or become discoloured. All swimwear comes with specific care instructions on the label, however, there are definite dos and dont's when considering how to wash and take care of your swimwear. We have put together this swimwear care guide to keep your swimwear in the best condition for as long as possible. 

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How to care for your swimwear

Let’s face it, our poor swimwear is subject to lots of wear and tear during its lifetime. Knowing how to care for your swimwear can make all the difference. From exposure to the sun, chemicals in heated pools, and accidentally covered in sunscreen, salt and unfortunately sweat. However, if you know how to properly take care of your swimwear, it will look great year after year. 

There are some things to be aware of when wearing swimwear. Such as limiting your time in heated pools or hot tubs, as the chemicals that are added to keep the water clean can shorten the life of your swimwear. That’s why the Energy swimsuits are chlorine resistant and made from LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fabric, lasting twice as long as standard swimwear fabric. 

We know you might be tempted to leave your swimwear rolled up in the towel after use. However, this allows the chlorine to have more time in the fabric can lead to bacteria breeding. No one wants that! Rinsing your swimwear thoroughly after use will help combat this as well as anything else that might have made its way into your swimwear such as sunscreen.

How to wash swimwear by hand

Shopping for swimwear can be so traumatic that when you find the bikini or one-piece of your dreams, you’ll want it to keep it looking good for as long as you can, this can be down to how you wash your swimwear. Washing swimsuits and bikinis is similar to washing bras. Wash by hand if you can (especially if they’re underwired) but the golden rule is to keep them away from fabric softener - it can break down the elastane in the fabric. 

“Ideally, swimwear should be rinsed out thoroughly in warm water immediately after use,” says Lois. “Then wash by hand using a hand wash detergent as soon as you can. Never let swimwear stay wet after use (especially in a plastic bag or such like) as chemicals like chlorine can start to break down the elastane or even cause discolouration on the fabric.”

How to dry your swimwear

Never put your swimwear in the tumble dryer. The heat can weaken the elasticity of the garment, reducing its lifetime. The same reason why we don’t wear our favourite bikini or swimsuit in a hot tub. The best way to dry your swimwear is to hang it to dry naturally either inside or outside in the shade, to prevent fading from the sun. Laying it on a clean towel is also another way to dry your swimwear and will prevent stretching.

Swimwear care top tips

Now you know how to properly wash and dry your swimwear, follow our top tips to ensure that your beloved bikini or swimwear stays in tip top condition. 

  • Alternate your swimsuits. Avoid using the same swimsuit more than once in 24 hours. This will allow it time to dry and go back to its original shape. 
  • Avoid hot tubs. We know that is a very unpopular thing to say but it’s your swimwear's number one enemy. The heat and chemicals will cause your swimwear to stretch and fade quickly. If you cannot avoid the call of a hot tub, we suggest wearing something other than your favourite bikini. 
  • If you can avoid contact with sunscreen. The chemicals and oils in sunscreen can damage your swimwear. We suggest putting on that all important SPF before you put on your swimwear and allowing it to dry first. The same goes with beachwear.
  • Never iron your swimwear! The extreme heat can cause your swimsuit to disintegrate. We know we’re shedding a tear too just thinking about it.
  • Avoid rough surfaces. To keep your swimwear looking new, avoid any surfaces that could snag or rub your swimwear. 

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