Plus Size Lingerie: Finding your perfect fit

Buying plus-size lingerie

Pretty detailing. Shape-boosting styles. Colour palettes straight from this season’s runways. Who says shopping for plus-size lingerie can’t be fun?

Not us. Here at Pour Moi, we’re on a mission to make everybody look and feel fabulous. From our everyday bras to our sexiest chemises, we’re obsessed with giving plus-size women their pick of the best fashion-led lingerie.

And unlike brands where the plus-size section is tacked on as an afterthought, we’re constantly innovating to make sure all of our gorgeous lingerie is available to everyone, whether they wear a J-cup, a size 44  back or a size 22 brief. Don’t believe us? Just have a look at the lovely models wearing sets from our Viva Luxe range to see how the same lingerie looks on three different body shapes.


But before you splash out on a flirtatious new plus-size bralette or some retro high-waist briefs, what are the features you should look for when buying plus-size lingerie? And how can you make sure you’re buying the right item for the look you’re trying to create? Our guide has all the answers. From bras to bodices, bodies to briefs, read on to discover how to find your perfect plus-size lingerie. Instant body confidence, guaranteed!


What kind of plus-size lingerie do I need?

Whether you’re buying a bra for the boardroom or briefs for the bedroom, different occasions call for very different lingerie requirements. Here are a few things to bear in mind before you start shopping.

Plus size everyday lingerie

The clothes you wear everyday look so much better when you’re wearing the right size and cut of underwear underneath. Briefs that dig in can ruin the smooth lines of your chic pencil skirt, while a lack of support on your top half can cause discomfort on your power walk to the bus stop - and neither will do much for your confidence levels.

When it comes to everyday briefs, the right smalls can make a big difference to your figure. Don’t just stick to your tried and tested old favourites because there are so many different styles on the market that may suit you better. Every body shape is different, but if you’re an apple (with narrow hips and a wider mid-section) classic briefs can look flattering and feel comfortable. Pears (those with a small waist and wider hips) may suit a Brazilian style brief best, because they sit much lower on the hip.

When it comes to plus-size everyday bras, support is going to be your number one priority. A bra that will hold your breasts up securely can give you instant perkiness but you’ll also want a garment that can minimise discomfort as you move about. Thought your only option here was full cups? Think again. From plunge to balcony, all our plus-size bras have innovative support features built in - in fact, it’s something we’re obsessed about.

Don’t fear padded bras either, because choosing this style doesn’t mean you’ll add inches to your bust. A moulded bra has foam lining in the cups, something that’s ideal for eliminating nipple or seam show-through and great for creating a wonderfully smooth shape under T-shirts.

Top tip: Trying on an plus-size everyday bra? Make sure you put it on underneath a variety of outfits to check how it looks. You’ll want a bra that works well with lots of different tops, not just one or two. 


Plus-size shapewear

Yes you can go to the ball - and wearing whichever dress you choose! From waist cinchers to tummy-control briefs, plus-size shapewear can help you look trim, toned and tucked in all the right places - perfect when you want to wear a killer outfit.

The Definitions range from Pour Moi uses strong, technical fabrics with bonded edges to smooth and sculpt your body. This kind of shapewear will allow your skin to breathe while smoothing out the contours of your body so you look good in form-fitting outfits. 

Tummy-control briefs can hold everything in, but for truly unforgiving outfits where a waspish waist is a must, you could try a waist cincher. Some come with adjustable hook and eyes so you can decide on the level of contouring you need. Along with giving you curves Jessica Rabbit would be proud of, cinchers also encourage you to stand up straight, helping you improve your posture along with your confidence.

Top tip: When buying plus-size shapewear, make sure you don’t go too small or they’ll cut into your body, creating unnecessary bulges that may spoil the smooth look. 


Sexy plus-size lingerie

Whilst cloud-like comfort is vital when it comes to the bra you wear all day, it’s more of a nice-to-have when it comes to lingerie that’s just for the bedroom. But while you may not intend to wear your most flirtatious pieces to work, you’ll still want them to feel comfortable and fit properly to feel at your sexiest.

There's nothing like the touch of delicate fabrics against your skin, but you’ll still need some support in there. We triple-line our lace bras to give amazing uplift and support, with none of the bulk you get with a padded option. 

You can also use your sexy lingerie to enhance the assets you’re most proud of, while drawing attention away from any that make you feel self conscious. Love your waist? Show it off in a corset. Prefer your hips? Sexy suspenders will highlight the area. Lovely legs? Choose a pair of seamed stockings. 

Top tip: Not too fond of your middle? High-waisted briefs are so in right now and are great for that sexy pin-up girl look. Just  be careful of teaming them with a longline bra, as this can highlight the very part you’re trying to disguise.


Your plus-size underwear basics

From bras to bodies, your lingerie will need to cover all of the following basics. Don’t settle for anything less than a garment that...

  • Feels supportive
  • Doesn’t dig in at the bust or slip off the shoulders
  • Uses underwire or moulded cups to lift your bust - this will reveal your waist, making you look slimmer
  • Helps improve your posture
  • Allows you to move
  • Makes you feel fabulous


Finding your perfect plus-size bra

Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure the perfect fit. No tape measure? No problem! You won’t need one with our handy method - you just need a mirror and your favourite bra to use as your guide. For more top tips on how to measure bra size, see our fitting room video.

Step one: Put your bra on correctly

Did you know there was a right and a wrong way to put on your bra? Put it on as you normally would, then lean forward and gently help the breast tissue into the cups with your hands. Watch our video for a full demonstration.

Trying on a new bra for size? Fasten it on its loosest hook. Bras always get a little looser with frequent washing, so that way you’ll be able to tighten it over the lifetime of the bra.

Top tip: Only know your US, Australian or European bra size? Our bra size chart can help you convert your measurements. 

Step two: Check the four key fit areas

To find the perfect fit there are four key fit areas you’ll need to check. 

The underband should lie flat to your chest and feel firm but comfortable - you’ll still want to be able to run a couple of fingers underneath. If you can’t, you’ll need to go up a back size or it’ll feel like it’s digging in. The underband should be horizontal all around your body, so stand side-on to a mirror and check it’s not riding up at the back. If it does, the bra’s too loose to provide the support you need, and you should go down a back size.

The underwires should sit flat to your chest, in between your breasts and all around them, without digging in to the breast tissue. A big no-no here is if the wire sits on your boobs - it means you need a bigger cup. 

The cups need to fully encompass your breast tissue to give you smooth line at the top with no bulging. Even if you’re going for a bra that gives you some uplift like a balconette, it shouldn’t dig in or it’ll give you the dreaded ‘quad boob’. If that happens, you need to go up a size. Any gaping at the top? You need to go down a cup size.

The straps shouldn’t have to work too hard as most of the support should come from the underband and the cups. A bra that digs in at the shoulders is a sure sign that you’ve got the wrong size and it’s not giving you enough support. Make sure you adjust the straps regularly as your breasts will change size over time (and sometimes over the course of a month).

Top tip: One boob bigger than the other? You’re not alone - so do 90% of women! If that’s the case, go for the cup-size that fits your largest side. It’s better to have a little extra fabric on one side than a squished boob. 

Want more bra fitting tips? Our good-fitting bra guide will help.


What bra shape will suit me best?

Just can’t get the underwire to sit flat on your chest no matter what size you choose? Cups gaping at the top or sagging at the bottom, even though you’ve put your bra on correctly? Remember that everyone’s breasts are different, so there’s not really one style that fits all. Here’s a quick round-up of what style suits different types of breasts.

Round breasts 

If your breasts are round and symmetrical and equally full at the top and bottom, you’re in luck. This shape looks great in almost every cup. But if you want more cleavage, you could try a balconette or plunge.

Wide-set breasts 

If your breasts sit further apart, it can give you a big space down the middle. A plunge bra is a great option, as it can help lift breast tissue towards the centre of your chest. 

Bell-shaped breasts 

If your boobs are heavier at the bottom and thinner at the top, a T-shirt bra will offer all the support you need, helping to lift your breasts so they sit securely in the cups. A balconette could be another option for even more lift.

For more information, see our guide to bra shapes


What if I love a bra but can’t get it to fit?

Don’t give up just yet. Two words: sister sizes! Sister-sizing is a technique used by bra fitting experts when they just can't find the right bra for you with your natural size. 

So if you love the style of bra but it just doesn’t fit in your usual size, return it to us for  free and then try the next band size up or down, while moving the opposite way in the cups. For example, if your true size is a 38C, your sister sizes will be a 36D or a 40B.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry, we have a sister sizes chart.


Which colour will suit me best?

Black is always alluring – its slimming, accentuates your curves and gives a sophisticated but sexy look. But if your underwear drawer is a sea of black lingerie, it’s time to try something a little bit different and by that we mean coloured plus-size lingerie. 

Navy and slate are huge colours in fashion at the moment, and they’re a great next step away from tried and tested black. Feeling braver? Deep, rich tones will also flatter, so try berry colours like red, mulberry, burgundy and purple.

Jewel tones such as jade and turquoise look great mixed with black, while if you are going for pastels in spring make sure you focus on strong colours like rich fuchsia. It will be trickier to wear nude tones so use these shades just for your foundation wear. We love white  too though and it will always look flirtatious.


Buy your perfect plus-size lingerie at Pour Moi

Now you know your fit, shape and colour it’s time to shop. Our plus-size basques, bustiers and glamorous lingerie sets are all available in a variety of sizes - not just up to a J cup, but in a size 44 back and a size 22 brief, too. 

So what are you waiting for? Visit our DD plus section to browse the full range, or just click ‘Shop By Size’ on the main menu, select your specific size and see what Pour Moi has got for you. Enjoy!


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